Golden Valley rejects plans to treat mentally ill children

  • Article by: MARY JANE SMETANKA and CHRIS SERRES , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 11, 2014 - 9:51 PM

Council rejected plans for day treatment facility after citizens raised security and safety fears.

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slowrideFeb. 11, 1410:40 PM

Not all residents of Golden Valley agree with this decision and many are being vocal to the council about it. I for one see no harm with this facility in the commercial building that is currently on that site. There is a need for these facilities and its unfortunate that the comments made at the meeting were very rude and based solely on emotion. Everyone should simply educate themselves and realize that kids and teenagers need this type of therapy BEFORE they become adults. Within that neighborhood and even within 1 square mile, there are undoubtedly kids and adults who have mental needs, so the blame game of not wanting "those type of people" around a very insensitive thing to say. Ryan White experienced the same treatment in the 1980's when he had AIDS through no fault of his own and then the flood gates opened and now there probably isn't anyone who hasn't known someone with AIDS. Depression, ADHD, autism, suicidal thoughts, alcohol and drug abuse, anger management, OCD, are all around you folks whether you want to admit it or not, and it best serves society to help these kids now rather than later. I'd also encourage everyone to watch the public hearing on the Golden Valley City website to view for yourselves:

Minnesoda73Feb. 11, 1411:48 PM

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. We can do a lot more for this children.

april24Feb. 11, 1411:49 PM

Real classy Golden Valley. You border on Robbinsdale and North Minneapolis. I think you have more to worry about with that than a day treatment center for sick kids. Again though, this is sadly the way Minnesota is going. More Republican like, selfish, all about me, thinking by people who have had the good fortune of not having to deal with difficult issues. Karma will play it's part someday and they will learn.

ridgedbackFeb. 12, 1412:24 AM

april24 Become informed the three that voted to deny the proposal were all selfish democrats.

stplooklistnFeb. 12, 14 5:19 AM

Cop out mayor, should keep a civil discussion. And the guy that researched complaints included suicide calls as a reason to not have the facility. Really ? Can't think of a better reason to have the facility.

baronvonblogFeb. 12, 14 5:27 AM

Are these the same people who thought The Courage Center would bring a bunch of undesirable children into their neighborhood and opposed locating it in golden valley? Shame on these bigots. They treat these kids as if they are criminals and not kids. Do they have criminal records? This isn't a juvenile detention center but something to help these kids be productive members of the community. The police are comfortable with it but there are still people who think that anyone different from them should be institutionalized and locked up. Sorry but that was deemed ineffective and cruel. Golden valley should embrace this project and welcome these kids with open arms!

cheekybearFeb. 12, 14 5:55 AM

April24, the Mayor of Golden Valley is a Democrat,and I suspect the majority of the city council is as well. This is a tough decision for any city.

TaxFreeTennFeb. 12, 14 5:55 AM

What an offensive comment, april24. This isn't a "Republican" thing, selfishness runs as much through a Democrat. Golden Valley is almost all Democrats, if you want to go there, and so is their council. Grow up. This was about NIMBY's no matter their political stripe, this was fear generated by a few NIMBY's who undoubtedly spread lies about what this facility would about. That has nothing to do with political parties.

objectivviewFeb. 12, 14 6:42 AM

Unfortunately, precedents have been set that these types of facilities near residential areas DO pose a THREAT to the surrounding residents! Especially the 12-18 year olds which can be more violent and unstable than many legal adults. And ... many of these "children" will be there by court order due to prior behavior! So, I don't blame these residents, or the city of Golden Valley one bit. Again, more "parenting" deflected away from the parent, away from the child, and toward society. So, rather than judging those with a different view than yours, April, how about thinking objectively for once. Or do something constructive and take up a petition to bring this facility to YOUR neighborhood!

eviter33Feb. 12, 14 7:17 AM

Well, it looks like another instance where the 'NIMBYS' and city politicians have teamed up out of needless fear to deny the ability to treat and care for those unfortunate souls within our society who suffer from mental illness. Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook....what is it going to take to wake people up and realize that ignoring and looking away from those who suffer from mental illness is not going to make them or the problem itself go away? We can treat for alcoholism, sexual addiction, obesity and so on, but mental illness doesn't deserve that same approach? Shame on you, Golden Valley!!


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