As big cities privatize bus shelters, Minneapolis moves them to government control

  • Article by: Maya Rao , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 12, 2014 - 7:22 AM

Despite resulting revenue loss, city will end deal with CBS Outdoor over maintenance complaints. It will shift oversight to Metro Transit.

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supervon2Feb. 11, 14 9:25 PM

The shelters should have cameras so they could prosecute the vandals for once. Amazing how much better people act when they know they are being watched.

mattaudioFeb. 11, 14 9:45 PM

The old contract with CBS was awful... missing glass, route information never up to date, and serious vandalism and maintenance problems left for months. Whether it's government or a new contractor, it doesn't take much to improve on our lousy urban transit stop amenities.

jojoobooFeb. 11, 1410:14 PM

Headline says Minneapolis reclaims potential income from bus shelters but the article then says they are transferring them to Metro Transit. Which is it?

twincitizen1Feb. 11, 1410:18 PM

I have to concur, most of the CBS shelters are a complete embarrassment to the public realm of the City and an insult to bus riders. In a City that gets as much snow as we do, I'd feel more comfortable with Metro Transit taking over the maintenance for all of them, over the fragmented system we have now. That said, shoveling and maintenance (and level of bus information provided) needs to improve at ALL transit facilities.

tocqueville2012Feb. 11, 1411:28 PM

Minneapolis is at fault for letting negotiations lap and not giving CBS incentive to make improvements. Obviously not a good negotiator when the only got $100,000/year from CBS when Chicago gets $300 million. Glad to see this sharp business judgement will be in place to manage these shelters in house.

davemn55Feb. 12, 14 7:28 AM

Yep, when you want a get something done right, get the government to do it.

redeye12Feb. 12, 14 7:28 AM

Yet another example of politicians/bureaucrats who think they can do something better than the market. If CBS wasn't doing the maintenance, etc., why weren't they? Did the city sign an agreement with no recourse? Was the city properly managing the CBS relationship to ensure they were meeting their contracted obligations? Now Metro Transit will add staff to perform this function. And, as with most gov't entities, (think TSA, license bureaus, etc.) there is no incentive for them to do a job well, exceed expectations, etc. So it will cost revenue, build bureaucracy and I'm betting, the maintenance will be no better than before. Foolishness.

markc1Feb. 12, 14 7:39 AM

With republicans wanting to privatize everything, it's nothing but America's race to the bottom.

savagemanFeb. 12, 14 7:46 AM

If another company exists that will pay Mpls, why wouldn't they hire them and still get advertising revenue?? Makes no sense, they keep saying they need money and then they just give a revenue generating system away. I guess they will just raise property tax dollars... liberals, thinking the government is always the answer.

getcrazyFeb. 12, 14 7:53 AM

"Obviously not a good negotiator when the only got $100,000/year from CBS when Chicago gets $300 million."---Chicago has 2.7 million people and Minneapolis has 392,000. That's almost 7 times as many people as we have here in MPLS. They also have more people on trains and using buses. I agree though some of the shelters were in rotten shape, full of graffiti and the schedules posted were often out of date and useless. Good riddance.


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