Despite improvements, learning gap is still too large, Minnesota says

  • Article by: Kim McGuire and Glenn Howatt , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 11, 2014 - 10:07 PM

Clock ticking on 2017 deadline for federal waiver.

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arspartzFeb. 11, 14 7:36 PM

So, in other words, districts are taking time and funding away from the kids who are "over achievers" and spending on those who are failing. What ever happened to the pursuit of excellence?

mrdogoFeb. 11, 1411:40 PM

arspartz, so long as the agenda of politically correct hysteria prevails, this kind of coddling will never end. It's yet another form of apologizing for being white.

deermenowFeb. 12, 1412:36 AM

When people who want to better themselves in any organization or situation, they look to the ones that are already successful to model their choices after. In dealing with the "Gap" the underachievers ignore best practice and blame the leaders for the leader's success. Very discouraging.

brucelieFeb. 12, 14 2:08 AM

When my ancestors came here, there wasn't a big government that took responsibility for the underachievers. In those days underachievers were motivated to obtain the literacy that could elevate life from deprivation and squalor. Why are they so unmotivated today?

rolflindyFeb. 12, 14 3:44 AM

We need a better pre school for minority students.

comment229Feb. 12, 14 4:32 AM

I'll make every person a deal, who complains about MN schools and the gap. We are going to send your child, to a foreign school and you can take your pick between the best elementary school in Mexico City, Somalia, or Russia. Then we will demand that your kid take a standardized test written in the language of that country at the end of the year, and when the dismal results come back, claim that the school is a dismal failure. This is a part of the achievement gap, but not all of it. Want to talk our new American culture of irresponsibility? Don't get me started.

comment229Feb. 12, 14 4:38 AM

How's that No Child Left Behind working out for you? It won't be long, before that mandate/edict runs out and will be proclaimed as a giant failure right along with the "Profiles" and O.B.E. and mastery learning and ..... well, every teacher can rattle them off. And if the testing isn't closing the gap, then let's double down, and have more testing. It gets old. Why don't you ask the kids who are struggling, what the problem is instead of some political guys in white shirts sitting in a think tank, getting paid tons of money to try to figure it out..... and then giving the results to some politicians, who will implement more and more mandates that will fix the problem. Sorry, we have been down this road so many times and how does that go again? Doing the same things over and over and over and expecting different results is a definition of ?????

johnmplsFeb. 12, 14 5:26 AM

Study the data. The strongest correlation to underachieving in school (along with incarceration rate, drug/abuse rate, and future poverty rate) isn't race. And isn't neighborhood. And isn't household income. The strongest correlating factor to all of these is being raised in a single parent home. Until we are able to discuss this fact, we will continue to do things that make us feel better about ourselves, but not actually close the gap.

yourwelcomeFeb. 12, 14 6:11 AM

When the parent(s) don't value education it doesn't matter how much money you throw at this problem.

julieblahaFeb. 12, 14 6:23 AM

If Anoka-Hennepin is making above average gains, and has an above average fund balance, why are they offering their teachers a far below average contract settlement? Thanking teachers in the paper while you pressure them to cut their health insurance is no way to reward great work. No wonder teacher morale is rock bottom in Anoka-Hennepin right now.


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