FDA panel weighs whether naproxen, used in Aleve, may be safer than other common pain pills

  • Article by: MATTHEW PERRONE , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 10, 2014 - 5:02 PM

WASHINGTON — Federal health experts are taking a second look this week at the heart safety of pain medications used by millions of Americans to treat arthritis and other everyday aches and pains.

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dhenkelsFeb. 10, 1411:50 AM

"On Tuesday panelists will vote on whether naproxen should be relabeled to reflect its apparent safety advantage. The FDA is not required to follow the group's advice, though it often does." - The last sentence is telling. The FDA is a political machine shaped by whoever is in power in DC. The fact that they don't necessarily take their scientists recommendations yet just go off on their own is very troubling and NOT the way the agency should operate. It should be free of any political agendas considering it's about safety of food and drugs in this country and should not be whoever gave enough money to the right candidate.

bradmg1979Feb. 10, 1412:21 PM

The FDA is a joke

philipp10Feb. 10, 1412:38 PM

No the joke is the American public that pops these like sugar pills. If you have achs and pains, fix the source and not the symptom.

ruphinaFeb. 10, 1412:56 PM

dhenkels- the problem is that this is the same government that revises all allowable levels of nearly everything down based on what we can measure, not on any sensible analysis of what is safe. If second hand smoke were ANYWHERE near as dangerous as touted by the nanny state, there would not be a baby boomer alive today. The spent millions to study arsenic in rice to see if it was safe, when any rational person does the simple "billions of Asians eat rice every day and don't die- it is safe" analysis and gets on with life. Oleo was good, now it is just as bad as butter. Red wine goes back and forth from the good list to the bad list monthly. In this case, literally billions take OTC N-saids all the time, and yet heart disease keeps retreating. End of study. Bill G.

djvenomFeb. 10, 14 1:09 PM

NSAIDs are tearing my 74 mother's stomach apart. She was taking oxycodone for years for severe arthritis with no problem whatsoever. Then her Doc came under pressure to stop prescribing opioids. Opioids do not take a physical toll on the heart, liver, kidneys etc. I know they can be abused and I know an actor does recently for injecting himself with too much heroin. I personally don't care how many people shoot to much heroin because it's cheap and they started by getting hooked on pills. We all make choices and I am angry that my mother has suffered since there are some people who make a conscience grown up choice to abuse them. NSAIDs can be extremely dangerous. My mother took 40 mg of OxyContin per day for 10 years. She lived a productive life. Now her kidneys are blown from taking too much Tylenol and Advil. Thanks DEA. She tried other doctors too. They are putting the screws to doctors and threatening their livelihood. When opium was discovered doctors were elated that they could now treat pain. It was a miracle drug. Too bad they can't properly treat pain and suffering anymore.

elind56Feb. 10, 14 2:02 PM

"...panelists will vote on whether naproxen has a lower risk of heart problems than other NSAIDs."-----------------------Say what? They're going to VOTE on it? Either there is peer-reviewed, scientific proof or there isn't. Next we'll hear about the "consensus among scientists" even though it was nothing more than a straw poll of their opinion of somebody's hunch. Seen this before...

dhenkelsFeb. 10, 14 2:13 PM

djvenom - to add to that, how about a person dying of cancer? My aunt was in so much pain in her last days but she was at the maximum allowed for morphine...at that point she was at end stage, she was going to die, there was nothing more they could do for her but make her comfortable but heaven forbid she gets too much morphine one day and dies from it...it was sad to lose her but it was a thankful day since she was no longer in the pain she had been in. I too and frustrated and angered at what goes on...fight against drugs yet legalize things that are crap and encourage people to be on tons of prescription meds.

elind56Feb. 10, 14 2:17 PM

philipp10 said: "If you have aches and pains, fix the source and not the symptom."-----------------Ahh, to be young again. Some aches and pains cannot be fixed at the source because the source is the irreversible effects of Father Time.

rambler89Feb. 10, 14 3:05 PM

The pharmaceutical industry, which includes the FDA and most Minnesota politicians, does not like effective OTC medications that compete with its newest products--which are also its most profitable and least proven products.

zugzwangFeb. 10, 14 3:17 PM

All of the liberals out there who think more government run health care is good, think again. People are suffering terrible pain due to the "crackdown" on perscription drugs. The more power you give government, the less control you have in your own life.


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