It's been a hardy winter, but no record setter

  • Article by: JIM ADAMS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 10, 2014 - 5:57 AM

The frigid air that has gripped much of Minnesota since early December is making this a winter for the history books.

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sorelosermanFeb. 9, 1410:13 PM

Why are you doing this to your family and yourself year after year? You call this quality of life? Winter didn't even end until May last year. How much more of this can you stand? It doesn't have to be this way, make a plan and get out to warmer climate. Happy Trails and a better life! That is all.

donm251Feb. 9, 1410:47 PM

A lot of MInnesotan's have a summer cabin. We have a winter cabin - 1500 miles south of Minnesota to get away from winter.

George72Feb. 9, 1411:23 PM

Left MN for NC and it's been awesome living away from the frozen tundra! Never again.

twistshoutFeb. 9, 1411:23 PM

"It's been a hardy winter, but no record setter" Little bit of a misleading title I'd say. In the article it says we should be in the top ten coldest (subzero) days in a few days. And then won't we still have half of February and March to break some more records??? Maybe the article should have been titled "This winter is not likely to be the coldest one ever recorded, but could be very close" Anyways I've got a question for Soreloserman. Since you post on here almost every day about how glad you are to be in warmer weather, you must be missing the Twin Cities A LOT, to be checking in with the local paper every day? I bet you're dying to come back?

Flicka1492Feb. 9, 1411:26 PM

The weather forecasters are downplaying the severity of this winter. They do so because they don't want to throw water on the Paul Douglass "global warming is going to ruin the world" argument. My dad has lived eight decades in northern Minnesota. This is the coldest, windiest, snowiest winter he can ever recall.

rascal1234Feb. 9, 1411:38 PM

I often wonder if the tools to record temperature in the 1870s were as accurate as the ones we have today. Hand blown glass thermometers?

rlwr51Feb. 9, 1411:42 PM

We've had several winters in a row that have been above average so it is only logical to expect some below average weather to maintain what is average.

wileyrulesFeb. 9, 1411:58 PM

Rascal, I think the tools of the 1970's, and 1980's were. We can go with the last most recent averages.

arspartzFeb. 10, 14 1:59 AM

It would be interesting to see a graph of heating degree days by year.

pinky1933Feb. 10, 14 2:39 AM

Yet George still reads the MN news. Most of us like/don't mind the cold. Besides, it keeps things and people interesting; many that aren't move, as they should.


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