Mother of 2 and her boyfriend died after chase on Hwy. 212

  • Article by: KELLY SMITH and MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 9, 2014 - 5:57 AM

Dawn Marie Pfister had recently begun a relationship with the man who also died on Hwy. 212 Friday.

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patrickt1969Feb. 8, 14 4:29 PM

As the author of this article notes, there are many things about this story that are still unclear. As such, one would think the author would refraiin at this stage from referring to the two as "victims".

kinghiberniaFeb. 8, 14 4:42 PM

Nine and one-half(9.5) hours to process a crime scene? Wow!!! Blocking both lanes of a major highway for this long!!! Similar to an earlier episode on 394. Unacceptable!!! Having lived in Chicago and Dallas, one would never see this there!!! You have to ask yourself several questions regarding Minnesota's BCA and State Highway Patrol. 1) Are they competent? 2) Do they have an adequate number of personnel? 3) Have they received adequate training? 4) Do they have the necessary equipment available to carry out their duties? Again, are they incompetent? The drivers in MN deserve better!!!

gkstoutFeb. 8, 14 4:43 PM

I assume they weren't armed? Was there nothing else the police could have done to subdue them, other than taking the lives of two people with their whole lives ahead of them?

regionguyFeb. 8, 14 4:44 PM

Looks like both have/had active warrants out for them in Olmstead County....

hittodeadFeb. 8, 14 4:52 PM

"the names of the officers involved in the shooting — one State Patrol officer, two Chaska Police and one Carver County officer" These things happen when police who don't often (or ever) encounter situations like this are forced to act. This could end up like the shooting in Woodbury not long ago where the cops shot and killed the guy who was trying to escape from the hostage taker.

weewillyFeb. 8, 14 4:55 PM

I look forward to learning the results of law enforcement's investigation of itself, and expect no less than a complete and truthful accounting of the facts in this incident.

leroy1930Feb. 8, 14 5:06 PM

To many questions unanswered. From what I saw on the highway cams, there may have been a struggle, with the police reported as a hostage situation on police radio...they should do all to protect the hostage as they can unless fired upon by both suspects....more so, why did so many shots have to be fired, and do these cops not take accuracy training when they use their firearms....or do they just fire blindly.....I don't know the facts, but if you were the alleged perpetrator, you are darn well interviewed ASAP, sometimes for hours at a time....why not the same treatment to the law enforcement officers involved?????

d434478Feb. 8, 14 5:11 PM

Times like this that I do not necessarily trust the police????

gopher1966Feb. 8, 14 5:15 PM

The "VICTIMS"??? Strib, as usual your slanted style of "editorialized" news reporting has things backwards! The "victims" were the lady rear-ended at a high rate of speed, AND every other law-abiding driver on that highway! The criminals, who yes, just happen to be dead as a direct result of their crime .... are just that. CRIMINALS, not victims!

winb0016Feb. 8, 14 5:19 PM

Matthew Serbus had a criminal record stretching back to the mid 90s....


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