Who's the real Al Franken? A look at a senator's transformation

  • Article by: Steve Berg
  • Updated: February 7, 2014 - 7:05 PM

Low expectations may be this incumbent's best friend.

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jarlmnFeb. 8, 14 6:29 PM

I hate to admit it, but Franken rose to the occasion and actually *gets it* about being a Senator. This is in contrast to Amy K. who spends her every waking moment championing every bit of feel-good, fluff-bunny legislation that comes across her desk. Although I most often don't agree with Al, I'll give him props for acting like a proper Senator.

railroadFeb. 8, 14 6:56 PM

Minnesotan's are lucky to have 2 smart able people to represent our state. Might not like their politics, but they do try hard for Minnesota

KepmeisterFeb. 8, 14 7:14 PM

Franken supported obamacare, the destruction of the best health care in the world. He's not getting my vote.

edmeleFeb. 8, 14 7:23 PM

Unfortunately, the US knows what good health care is, we just don't know how to deliver it. We do not have the best health care in the world. Only if you can pay for it. Al Franken is a good Senator because he is smart and thoughtful. He understands policy and how to work the system and network with the right folks. He knew that we needed change in the health insurance system. It is not perfect and the AFC is not health care, it is just a way to pay for it. We desperately need a way for everyone to have a health care safety net. That is why Franken voted for it.

erikj3Feb. 8, 14 7:26 PM

Kepmeister: "Franken supported obamacare, the destruction of the best health care in the world."...How does Obamacare destroy the existing US healthcare system, when it simply builds upon it?

bgronniFeb. 8, 14 7:30 PM

“Everything else” is the endless partisan bickering and systematic dysfunction that have led many ordinary people to give up on government and some scholars to conclude that the Constitution no longer works. . ." It works just fine. It is the super libs like Franken, (and Obama) that want to trash it.

bobblumenfelFeb. 8, 14 8:10 PM

"In short, they doubt the genuineness of the new Franken." ---- Do they really, or do they just want the voters to doubt it? After all, it's all about demolishing your opponent's image these days.

endothermFeb. 8, 1410:33 PM

All things considered, Franken has done an impressive job. He certainly works hard at it. People thought he would be a joke, but he makes his decisions carefully and tries his best to help the people of Minnesota.

mdachsFeb. 8, 1411:25 PM

I didn't vote for him. And he has more than met my very low expectations for him.

diogenesnyFeb. 8, 1411:37 PM

"...the best health care in the world". Yes, a system so good NO OTHER COUNTRY USES IT.


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