Let the Games begin!

  • Article by: RACHEL BLOUNT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2014 - 12:25 AM

SOCHI, RUSSIA – When he was asked what impression he wanted to make with Friday’s Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, creative director Konstantin Ernst made it clear: There would be no bears, no rosy-cheeked nesting dolls or other worn stereotypes. “I wanted people all over the world to meet, understand and know us as Russians,’’ he said. “The real Russians, untainted by decades of propaganda and the Cold War.’’

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rlundl02Feb. 7, 1412:38 PM

The State Department always reminds travelers to maintain a low profile when they're in other countries. The US Olympians should heed that. If they leave the complex, don't leave wearing those ugly sweaters.

donj721Feb. 7, 1412:50 PM

They have to leave, the accommodations are horrible.

liora51Feb. 7, 14 1:00 PM

Is this a new reality show? Or a comeback for the Cold War?

colenickmainFeb. 7, 14 3:22 PM

Great reporting, Rachel. Where was this scathing commentary on the host country's human rights abuses in Beijing 2008? Selective criticism, I guess.

jaybarFeb. 7, 14 3:28 PM

I love the U.S. outfits. Looked great en masse. True Americana.

hermajestyFeb. 7, 14 9:30 PM

NBC's Olympic coverage has been awful in previous years. In Nagano (1998), they literally had 20 minutes of commercials and fluff for every 10 minutes of sports. In Beijing and this year, they've put a lot of the "minor" sports on their cable-only channel, and you can't even watch online unless you're a cable subscriber. I live in the city and get great over-the-air reception. I don't need the 200 channels of garbage that cable offers, but what skin is it off NBC's nose if I watch minor sports on their websites?

Audi5000fwdFeb. 8, 14 2:14 AM

Agree completely with "hermajesty". Sites like BBC offer live tweeting, but it's still hard to keep up w/o paying up. By the way, Rachel B is EASILY one of the best reporters the Strib has ever had. Not everyone in Mother Russia is a human rights criminal. We have issues on "Indian Reservations" right here in America. They get about as much news coverage as the dark side of the moon. Let the Russians feel good about something that the whole (first) world will also enjoy. BTW, that stuck Olympic ring that got so much attention looked just like a BP Oil ad. Probably not.

comment229Feb. 8, 14 4:38 AM

I'm sorry, but I started to watch and it started just like the pre-game banter of pro football. It took an hour of talking before anything worth watching showed up and the real event began. And you know what? You could have shown me the last few winter Olympic opening ceremonies and it would have been much the same.... Now, do you want to get into how much money is being spent? I am a sports purist and didn't turn on the super bowl until after 5:30 and the half time might have been great too... but I spent the time in the kitchen. Some people probably get excited about interviews and network people talking. I find it a terrible bore.....

comment229Feb. 8, 14 4:40 AM

PS.. I'm sure the opening history of Russia events were super impressive if you were there and could see the enormity of everything, but they did NOT come across that way on TV... the perspective was not there, and they looked just like any other production.

TreetoplevelFeb. 8, 14 6:48 AM

Stillwater native Jessie Diggins and Minneapolis resident Brian Gregg are two of the athletes featured front and center in the above photo. Both of these two elite athletes are on the U.S. Nordic Ski Team.


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