Vikings detail seat license fees tied to season tickets in Minnesota stadium now being built

  • Article by: BRIAN BAKST , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 7, 2014 - 1:15 PM

MINNEAPOLIS — Fifty yard-line season tickets in the lower section of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium come with an upfront license fee of $4,500 to $9,500, while a seat in the nosebleeds will set loyal fans back a $500 fee, team officials announced Friday.

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stplooklistnFeb. 7, 14 5:04 AM

Haha. Not much talk about this being the People's Stadium in an article with $2500 seats.

texas_technomanFeb. 7, 14 5:31 AM

Hold on to your hats. The seat licenses are how the Wilf's are going to pay off their share. When Jerry Jones did this in Texas (although he paid for his stadium out of pocket) he priced a lot of lifetime season ticket holders out of the game. Pro football is becoming a game attended by rich folks and corporate shills.

charles3Feb. 7, 14 6:13 AM

Seat Licenses. BARF! Haven't they stolen enough money already?

sadie23Feb. 7, 14 6:49 AM

I've never seen a football game from inside the stadium that wasn't better seen on tv anyhow. Let the rich folks and corporations assure the sellouts. The best seat in the house is "In the house".

optionFeb. 7, 14 6:54 AM

The following statement had me smirking: "Vikings ownership is using seat license proceeds to cover a chunk of the roughly $500 million private share of the $1 billion stadium." So in essence, the public is also paying for the private share of the stadium, which means, when you boil it all down, the public is paying for the whole kit and kaboodle. It truly is "The People's Stadium"! (I say facetiously).

garyglsFeb. 7, 14 7:06 AM

If anyone was paying attention(which Dayton was not), every thing that has happened(E tab BS.) and is happening(seat Lics) was predicted and not one of your elected clowns paid attention. Keep public money out of private businesses.

rshacklefordFeb. 7, 14 7:12 AM

My seat license fee: $0. My ticket fee: $0. My HDTV antenna for full HD viewing: $0 (it is from 1970 and was found in the basement). My restroom wait time: 0 minutes. My beverage and food cost: $5-10 even if I pig-out. My gasoline cost: $0. My parking cost: $0. My forced tolerance of unruly fans: unnecessary. Each fan forced to pay thousands to Wilf so he gets out of paying anything for his new stadium: absolutely hilarious! Is this what the fans wanted? Hope so... BTW, loved that latest Etabs article STRIB! I hope Dayton read it too.

acctsah2Feb. 7, 14 7:15 AM

That does are me smile a little bit. The past year and a half of hearing it won't cost more than a few pennies to the average taxpayer (which is BS), it's an economic boom for the state, SKOL, no more Metrodump, blah blah blah.......Enjoy paying a few thousand dollars more purple faced among us. You wanted it and now you've got it.

parn0015Feb. 7, 14 7:24 AM

I guess I don't really understand the pricing here. I had a season ticket for the Vikes a couple years ago and paid about $300 (obviously for not great seats). Are they saying an equivalent season ticket will now cost a minimum $2800?

rshacklefordFeb. 7, 14 7:25 AM

Saw a local TV news report about Mpls skyways and how the debate about removing them is progressing. Rybak's and other officials' reasoning: To get people "on the streets" more, hoping that doing so will create more business. Make sure that our SB game "dream team" tells the NFL we're going to do that. We're going to remove the skyways. The tourists would just LOVE that! Maybe the tourists would even be interested in watching the city's hugely fasciniating LOPPET event?


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