Twins hit nail on the head by keeping Nathan

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 11, 2008 - 11:45 AM

Upon reaching that crossroad where a small-market team must decide whether to give big money and years to a closer, the Twins chose right -- and now are pursuing the postseason distraction-free.

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gmg42556Jul. 10, 0810:03 PM

The Twins still need another power arm in the bullpen so they can let Jesse Crain be Nathan's setup guy & so that Matt Guerrier can be the long relief guy. That said, I'm enjoying this season alot. Finally, I never believed the hype about Detroit. They've got too many stars & not enough workhorses. They were better off with guillen at shortstop & Inge at third than they are now. I'm not a bit surprised that the Twins have a better record than the Tigers.

studsterkelJul. 10, 0810:08 PM

"landscape is cratered with fallen stars" Nice!

brat0029Jul. 10, 0810:10 PM

Good article - I agreed with signing nathan and keeping the clubhouse happy. IF we hadn't, he'd be a Tiger next year. Yuck.

scubedoggJul. 10, 0810:19 PM

because the majority of their offseason moves have been average to terrible. The only good moves so far were to sign Morneau and Nathan to extensions (I was among those who thought they should trade Nathan because I didn't see them competing for a couple years). But anyone who had ever seen Lamb play should have known he could never be a full-time 3B. He never has been. Livan, Everett, Young, Monroe, Gomez. All of the above have had moments (well, except for Everett), and Gomez and Young still have potential, but this year has been a solid 'D' for Bill Smith.

scubedoggJul. 10, 0810:20 PM

I too have thoroughly enjoyed this season

glenbcJul. 10, 0810:49 PM

more important than the decision to keep nathan, the decision to bring up buscher, casilla, and span, all better than the players they replaced.

rjf929Jul. 10, 0810:58 PM

Jesse Crain, along with Denny "roundface" Reyes are critical disappointments on the team this year. I frankly don't recall either of them pitching an effective innning this year; it's been just the opposite - giving up crucial late-inning runs. Jesse and Denny should stay in the clubhouse. They can "set up" post-game meals.

PooOnUJul. 10, 0811:19 PM

The Twins have had a recent history of great closers. Joe is the latest and on par with Aggie. Even when he doesn't have his best stuff or control, he will fight to preserve the lead with every once of his body. Today, game 1 in Detroit was the just the most recent example.

dlambrJul. 10, 0811:28 PM

Re"Jesse Crain, along with Denny "roundface" Reyes are critical disappointments on the team this year. I frankly don't recall either of them pitching an effective innning this year..." What games have you been watching? While neither has been dominant constantly (and show me a reliever who is, that's why they're not starters, right?), Jesse's been as good or better than can be expected given the seriousness of the injury & surgery from which he's recovering. Dennys was better 2 years back, but you've got to consider he's pitching well better for the Twins than he ever had throughout his career before reaching us. With some minor injury problems, he's pitched darn well in most of his outings this year. I'm not saying they're the best relievers out there, but your claims are simply way off base.

pyholzJul. 10, 0811:42 PM in Boston for instance. I bet there were no gripes on these pipes when the Twins were on their streak. Mellow out. We still have the best pen in the division (especially since Rincon is gone), and Bass, Crain and Reyes have been better than I expected (and better than last year). Put it this way; our all-star closer gave up 3 walks today and we still won. That's pretty damn good. These guys will be just fine.


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