Bicyclists get a break: They will have priority on a dozen miles of local streets

  • Article by: JIM FOTI , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 11, 2008 - 12:27 PM
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larrymeaseJul. 10, 08 9:47 PM

as someone who likes to ride around town on a bike, I know that bicycle lanes are totally required for peace of mind! For example, I once tangled with a car that made a left hand turn on a redlight and travled across the crosswalk which I was biking across on a walk signal.

bitemestribJul. 10, 0810:11 PM

it's easy for those on their bikes to complain about the behavior of cars, and I'm sure it's frustrating. But how about all the cyclists start obeying the same traffic laws that they are actually bound by. No more running red lights, no more turns against the light, stay off the sidewalks. I drive downtown daily and see these things happening far more often than a bike lane being crossed inappropriately.

dkmanJul. 10, 0810:25 PM

That think bicyclists are getting away with murder? What is going to happen when there's an accident with an automobile and/or a road rage case with a bicyclist? I mean I see bikes getting away with anything they want INCLUDING hindering traffic. Our politicians will look like a heel if they try to legislate new rules for bikes, but something needs to be done here because traffic in Minnesota is only getting worse and bikers aren't the answer, I know I'd bike if my work allowed me to but it doesn't so I have to do drive and I don't want to tack on another 15 minutes to my commute because some idiot thinks they can pedal as fast as my car can go.......... Am I the only one who feels this way?!?!? If so, then so be it!

davebrewsterJul. 10, 0810:35 PM biker feels that they can pedal as fast as your car...the law states that a bike has a right to the lane when no other safe options exist. sometimes that may add another 32 seconds to your commute. I'm sure that great amount of time is worth your risking the life and or the ability to walk for the remainder of that rogue two wheeler's life...

glenbcJul. 10, 0810:45 PM

i like the old news accounts published by the startribune. in 1967 or 1968 i was riding my bike down the hill at running park and my bike flipped over when i hit a divot where a tree used to be. my shoulder hurt and felt funny and i was only able to play box hockey with one hand. i rode my bike home and as i approached the house i set my bike down and ran into the house screaming and crying. i had broken my collarbone and was too little and stupid to realize it. in 1996 someone in los angeles tried to run me over while i was bicycling. i was taken by ambulance to brotman where a man in the ER dropped his pants and defecated on the floor in front of me, to the laughter of the hospital staff. the city should set aside entire streets for bicyclists, that would be the safest way to proceed.

idontthinksoJul. 10, 0810:45 PM

I wonder what this heated debate will look like once unleaded doubles to $10/gal?

zeissJul. 10, 0810:49 PM

i enjoy biking to work in the suburbs. while there will always be a few jerks behind the wheel and a few jerks behind the handlebars, there's no reason to generalize based on these bad apples. in my experience biking, most cyclists are sensible and law-abiding, and most drivers are courteous and gracious with regard to bikes on the road. fortunately most cyclists realize that by not obeying common sense, they have the most to lose compared to a driver. so there is self-preservation mixed into that sensibility.

noinkJul. 10, 0810:59 PM

From what I know automobile license fees and automobile taxes pay for these bike paths. When I was a child we had to have a bike license in the town where I lived. Why are bikes not licensed today?

dkmanJul. 10, 0811:10 PM

DaveBrewster, why and since when is the sidewalk NOT safe? I stated that I'd bike myself for health and $$ reasons if my career allowed me to, but it doesn't and I know that the few times I was allowed to use my bike, I stuck to the sidewalks when I went from my home into Downtown Minneapolis. Now what happens when I watch people on bikes kicking cars because the cars "got too close to them?" I have seen that on more than one occasion in Uptown particularly, does that make it right? I'm not so sure that the law does state your bike can be in a lane to the point where a car can't get around it. Now don't get me started on Critical Mass either, good idea but a bunch of bad apples participating.

idontthinksoJul. 10, 0811:13 PM

nolnk, it's probably because the revenue from bike licensing, particularly after administrative costs and finding a system that works, wouldn't put a dent in the amount of statewide revenue generated by motor vehicle licensing. Give it a few years.


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