Vikings QB Cassel expected to opt out of contract

  • Article by: MASTER TESFATSION and CHRIS MILLER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 6, 2014 - 2:39 PM

The veteran quarterback has until Friday to opt out of the second year of his two-year contract.

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vikeforlifeFeb. 5, 14 9:50 PM

Would have liked to see Cassel stay 1 more year but he was not the long term answer at QB. I am concerned that Spielman will now be in desperation mode. I am hoping he is going to lean on Turner for some input on this one. There is no free agent QB who is the long term answer and there is no way Ponder is the right fit for Turner's offensive style. There are way to many questions in this draft class at QB and I am not sure any of them warrant a #8 pick on a team with other needs but with Ponder now the only QB it puts the Vikes in a bind. Maybe they should look more into signing Freeman to be the possible bridge to the next QB because he fits the Turner mold much better than Ponder. I am glad I don't have to make this decision but I wish Rick wasn't making it either. This is starting to look like the Ponder draft all over again.

bornpurplediepurpleFeb. 5, 1410:26 PM

It will be interesting to see if Norv thinks he can get Ponder back on track. I'm not the guy to say yea or nay. After all, Ponder could look great and he could look awful. I don't think Musgrave did him many favors either. Does Norv see enough in him to try it again? Obviously they need to bring in a competitor. Almost needs to be at least one free agent. Be difficult to draft 2 QBs with all of the defensive holes to fill in the draft.

nessmessFeb. 6, 14 6:03 AM

Kirk Cousins could be a bridge, I hear he may be available for a 3rd rounder.... Josh McCown may be available also.... Cassel may only cost Vike's $5-6 million/year. There are several good options, w/o having to spend the first round pick on a QB... Norv will know who to pursue.....

callsaulFeb. 6, 14 7:38 AM

Zimmerman wants the best QB in the division? Well right now he has the worst QB in all of football as his only QB on the current roster. Even if they planned to draft a QB in the first round They need a veteran to helm the offense for the next 2 years while they play outside. Do you think ANY of the top 3 QB prospects have ANY interest in playing outside in negative temps the first 2 years of their pro career's? Manziel coming from Texas, Bridgewaqter from Louisville, and The Florida boy everyone is over hyping Bortles. Oh yeah I'm really sure those guys want to start their careers playing in Negative temps half of their games! The Vikings need someone with grit to lead this team not some southern gentlemen. They are going to have to make a trade to acquire a QB. My vote goes to Mallett or Hoyer. I swear by everything sacred that if they say Ponder is going to compete for the starting job I will go freaking postal.

klide2Feb. 6, 14 7:50 AM

If you had been paying attention I have been saying forever that Ponder may well be the starter next season. It just makes sense. The Vikings have an offensive talent stockpile that makes anyone with football knowledge excited. They must focus on defense in the draft and try to pluck a guy with long ball skills from round 2 down. There are several and I have no doubt Norv will make Ponder a very good quarterback next season. Is he the answer, likely not. But he can certainly bridge for a year as well as anyone else.

callsaulFeb. 6, 14 7:54 AM

There is no excuse Ponder. He should be released. No QB on the roster is better than Ponder. I'm not exaggerating or being facetious.

sportsrat6Feb. 6, 14 7:57 AM

callsaul: "I swear by everything sacred......" That's funny. Thanks for the smile this morning. It's obvious that Spielman was driving the boat on who would play QB this past year, and maybe if he would have played Cassel after the Carolina game as the #1, he would have wanted to stay and be the bridge. I worry too that he will panic and biff the entire draft like he did in Miami.

TabarnooshFeb. 6, 14 8:00 AM

With so many holes and a weak QB draft and free agents you have to start with fixing the defense. Overspending on a marginal QB just because you have to have one could mess the Vikings up for years salary wise. I do believe Turner will have a lot of say and that's a good thing. He is way more qualified to judge and correctly use talent than Musgrave.

h091364Feb. 6, 14 8:13 AM

Please, please, please just release Ponder and end this nightmare! Norv is not a miracle worker, he cannot turn Ponder into something he is not. Ponder just does not have the mental and physical tools to be an NFL QB. Cassel could still sign with the Vikes, he is just choosing to opt out of his current contract, and sign a longer term, more money deal, which is his right. For the right length and dollar amount of contract he still could fit into the Vikes short term plans, and would be the best option to QB the Vikes for the next 2-3 years.

amused83Feb. 6, 14 8:40 AM

Wow, another day, another Spielman led disaster. No QB, one CB, no LBs, 1 Safety, almost no D Line. Let's hope Zimmer is a wizard rather than a coach. Perhaps he can conjure up players out of thin air. My over/under for every year during the remainder of Spielman's tenure is 6. An NFL team can't do much better than that with the woeful talent he assembles. On the positive side, the Vikings approach does free up a lot a beautiful fall Sunday afternoons.


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