Rosenblum: It's about time for a woman to be Minnesota's governor

  • Article by: GAIL ROSENBLUM , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2014 - 8:34 PM

Quick! Name the last three lieutenant governors of the great state of Minnesota. OK, how about one?

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O.A.R.Feb. 5, 14 9:01 PM

Great thing about this article is that it shows that the Democrats talk a big talk about women but they are left as cheerleader/Lt.Governors. We came close last election cycle to have a woman as a gubernatorial candidate and Rich Ferndale Mark Dayton said NO. I am running and do not care what the party thinks. Dayton is not about change he is about winning. If you look at this sexixt problem with the democrats its the same way they deal with race. They want the votes but tod this day we have not had a minority as a Lt. Governor.

justwonderingFeb. 5, 14 9:27 PM

A woman governor would probably be more compassionate for sick and dying patients than Mark Dayton is and Tim Pawlenty was. Both oppose letting hospice patients or MS patients or (in Dayton's case) kids having seizures use marijuana under their doctor's supervision. Dayton needs to listen to the mothers who are fighting for their children, despite his opposition. We're not going away!

mdachsFeb. 5, 1410:04 PM

As long as the next female governor is a Republican, I'm all for it!

elmore1Feb. 5, 1410:35 PM

Doesn't matter if it is a man or woman, we need a competent, moderate Gov. We have not had one for a long time.

karendavid816Feb. 6, 14 6:04 AM

It is sort of odd that the Lt Gov is all about gender when we hear so much from the DFL about racial disparities in our society (excluding of course Mark Dayton's "white privilege"). If they want to make something other than competence the basis for the office, why not make it a racial balance? Better yet, instead of the continual rant about the 1%, reserve the office for someone at the poverty level.

gvgoldfishFeb. 6, 14 6:10 AM

The office of Lt. Gov is a political graveyard. Every holder of that office since Perpich in '76 has seen the end of their career. It has no constitutional responsibilities and the office of Governor is hardly so important that we'd really need someone to step in immediately should it become vacant. Abolish it.

twinsajsfFeb. 6, 14 7:31 AM

This will be very interesting. Dayton is popular enough that they must feel he does not need the geographic help that P-S provided for him on the Range the first time around. And Smith does not seem at all the type to move into an inactive political role such as has been the Lt. Gov. position in the past. I hope they win, so we can see if there is a plan for her be quite active/visible in the role, preparing her for a run in the next gubernatorial election.

union601Feb. 6, 14 9:30 AM

"A woman governor would probably be more compassionate for sick and dying patients than Mark Dayton is and Tim Pawlenty was." Oh really? Hmm. Could we maybe be just a little more sexist? Just wondering.

avejoeconFeb. 6, 14 9:51 AM

What ever happened to the most qualified. When you elect people because of gender or race, you get the lowest GDP growth in the history of the nation. Didn't we learn anything about the feel good vote vs the vote for the most qualified.

texas_technomanFeb. 6, 1410:39 AM

Most women are smart enough to not want to be governor, it's a thankless job, and whatever party holds that office is the target of cheap shots by the other.


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