Express Games v. Acres 4.0 lawsuit pits key players in Minnesota e-pulltabs

  • Article by: Jean Hopfensperger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 10, 2014 - 9:23 AM

A suit pitting Minnesota’s biggest seller of e-pulltabs and the games’ manufacturer could disrupt this kind of gambling

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fjbarrowsFeb. 5, 14 5:46 PM

Cut bait, let it go. Chalk it up to another government idea gone awry and add it to the pile of those in the past. Oh, and take the ACA with you while you are at it.

RossbergFeb. 5, 14 5:58 PM

This is like reading about two seagulls fighting over a dead carp. If the sales were $1.5 million that means that a whopping $80 thousand has gone toward the stadium in the last year and a half vs. the $50+ million we were assured of collecting. By now even the densest of observers realizes that egambling was never anything more than a scheme concocted by stadium pushers and the firms selling these devices to give the impression that the stadium would be free because it would all be paid for by eager gamblers with hundreds of millions of dollars burning holes in their collective pockets. Of course, now when it's all collapsing the lawsuits begin and the only winners will be the lawyers and the politicians who bilked their constituents in order to advance their own agenda. As the saying goes, it's time for them to "fold up the con" and for the state to extricate itself from any further involvement in this embarrassing mess.

tyit57Feb. 5, 14 6:10 PM

How do you not get appropriate licenses from Apple? Simple you think you don't need to pay for multiple licenses and that a few will cover everything. Then you don't figure that cost into your price. Unbelievable incompetence. I would bet everything this has been known for some time and that is why the rollout was so slow!!

mncuemantooFeb. 5, 14 7:05 PM

Well, e-tabs were doomed from the start. Honestly, never been an even playing field. Sounds like another case in Minnesota. Canterbury Park vs. Running Aces and the simulcasting rights for thoroughbreds. I am wondering when Mark Dayton will finally direct the Racing Commission to stop watching and get it resolved as it has been 18 months or longer and Mr. Sampson has no incentive to negotiate now that he has the Mystic Lake dollars. Oh, where is the prudent men when you need them.

smess60Feb. 5, 14 8:07 PM

Who cares, nobody buys these things anyway.

A440Feb. 5, 14 8:09 PM

...after which Dayton looked at the rest of the DFL and said, "Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into!"

kivirl4Feb. 5, 14 8:13 PM

it just never ends with this thing. I was at my GOP caucus last night and former speaker Kurt Zellers was there as he is our representative and he is running for governor. I really let him have it for letting this debable get to the floor when he was speaker. He said he voted against it, but he is not a dictator. WHat if as governor a bill passed his desk he did not like? Would he be afraid to veto it? he could have stopped this, and I, like him is GOP, and I will freely admit that the GOP was at guilt on this as well as the DFL.

imasayinFeb. 5, 14 8:18 PM

What difference does it make if a Govt type takes responsibility, if there are no consequences? This didn't even receive the "scolding" that MnSure received.

blooflueFeb. 5, 14 8:55 PM

So ePuultabs aren't going to pay for the Vikings stadium?

starwmlewisFeb. 5, 14 9:10 PM

This was supposed to be one of the main sources of funding for the stadium.


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