Railroad exec objects to plan for rerouting freight trains for Southwest LRT

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2014 - 9:52 PM

President of the Twin Cities & Western sees some safety hazards.

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howsthatFeb. 5, 14 3:43 PM

So what's wrong with just moving the bike path?

cmssogFeb. 5, 14 3:59 PM

Moving freight OUT of Minneapolis, improving railroad crossing safety and saving $55 million in the process? Sounds like a win-win-win to me

k11m11p11Feb. 5, 14 4:02 PM

And yet again I will post: I look forward to finding out how many St. Louis Park businesses and residences will need to be demolished for this newest freight rail reroute plan, as opposed to moving a bike trail.

KottkeFeb. 5, 14 4:31 PM

I don't know how any part of the plan holds merit when very little information was true. Jim Terry's report stated the cost at $105 million, but how could he possibly know when he didn't figure in business or property takes? He didn't report how he arrived at that figure either, and given the build ups necessary (lowering Hwy 7 by 3-4 feet, two new bridges over Hwy 7, a berm-like retaining wall, a southern arm, and all-new rail), $105 million won't do it. His measurements were wrong; he reported the distance between the tracks and the high school at 125 feet, but it's actually 75 feet (37 between the tracks and the parking lot). And most disturbingly, he stated CP and TC&W were satisfied with the concept. #cmssog I don't know how it's a win-win when decisions are based upon lazy and faulty "study." I think we taxpayers lost-lost $50,000.

DLBabatzFeb. 5, 14 4:32 PM

The $105 million does not yet account for the cost of taking and demolishing the homes and businesses that would be required for this version of the unsafe re-route, and certainly does not cover the cost of mitigation that SLP has clearly identified 15+ years ago before it could\would consider providing their municipal consent. Interestingly, this re-route proposal would require condemning and tearing down one commercial property that was once vacant and publically owned, but recently redeveloped because that route had been deemed not viable. In other words, they'd be tearing down a basically brand new building. How does that make any sense?

aceofheartsFeb. 5, 14 4:37 PM

It's the nightmare that won't go away for SLP. If politics are this messy on a county and state level, I can't imagine what the paybacks must be like on the national level. Child and community safety takes a back seat to the desires of a few.

stupidthingFeb. 5, 14 4:49 PM

Page 21 of the TranSystem draft report states, "The cost estimate does not include the cost of property needed for the project." TranSystems Senior Vice President Jim Terry said at the Jan. 30 news conference at the Capitol that the company's plan would require the taking of 5-7 houses and a similar number of businesses. http://livestre.am/4L4RV

jms8998Feb. 5, 14 4:53 PM

The reroute has been a fail for 20 years, and is still a fail today. The newest consultant isn't any more of an "expert" than any of the others the county paid to force a reroute through SLP to destroy it. As the new consultant said himself, there have been many and he is no better.

mnmonkeyboyFeb. 5, 14 4:57 PM

The bike trail could indeed move -- except that the residents near the trail would then have both freight and LRT trains going by their homes - after they were promised that they would not have both (and St. Louis Park promised to take the freight trains).

mnmonkeyboyFeb. 5, 14 4:58 PM

The home owners along the Kenniworth trail are rich and many are lawyers (or politicians or judges) - you are kidding yourself if you think they are simply going to allow more train traffic near their homes. Money and power do still mean something.


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