Did 'Biggest Loser' winner drop too much weight to win?

  • Article by: SUSAN HOGAN and BILL WARD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2014 - 7:05 PM

As soon as the show ended, social media erupted with commentary and debate about whether her 155-pound weight loss had crossed the line.

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Edsel3Feb. 5, 14 5:46 AM

Sad to say, after watching this how through many seasons, I was reminded last night that this "IS"" a game. She lost so much weight in order to win, she actually looks unhealthy. My hope for her is that she does gain a small bit of weight and continue her journey.

murphydogFeb. 5, 14 6:35 AM

I'm a little worried, she really doesn't look very healthy. Great story of her weight loss, but has she gone too far? I really hope not.

cpkcpkFeb. 5, 14 6:52 AM

Check the numbers in the story. It says she lost 105 pounds but then also says she started out at 260 pounds and ended up at 105 pounds. Either the weight loss or the ending weight needs corrected.

jojoobooFeb. 5, 14 6:55 AM

She looks a lot better in the photo that accompanies this article than she did on the show last night. Hopefully she went overboard to win and gains back about 30 pounds to get to a healthy weight. She looked sickly and 15 years older than she is last night.

illogicbhFeb. 5, 14 7:11 AM

hopefully she can keep the weight off unlike most contestants after they leave the show

mesaba116Feb. 5, 14 7:47 AM

She didn't look to be at a healthy weight last night. They say the contestant's are under medical supervision during the contest -- I'd assume they'd be concerned if someone went below a healthy weight.

joe_mnFeb. 5, 14 7:59 AM

the red dress pic is not at 105lbs. story yesterday said it was taken at about 145?

bmmvk3Feb. 5, 14 8:11 AM

I watched the season and was rooting for Rachel. I thought she looked great and at the right weight at the triathalon. Last night she was almost unrecogizable. Way too much weight lost. Looked awful. Reminded me of Helen of a few seasons ago. I hope Rachel gains back about 25 - 30 lbs. Congrats Rachel - but eat!

reeksonFeb. 5, 14 8:46 AM

Congrats to Rachel. She is a competitor, and took it to where she needed to win the game. Probably took it a little too far, but she may have thought she had to for the win. She was going against two guys who had way more fat to lose than she did. There is some room for considering some changes to the show - maybe shorten it up by a month? Anyway, I think she will get it back up a few to a good and stronger level soon.

JoniousFeb. 5, 14 9:02 AM

You should have used a current picture. She actualy now looks like an unhealthy, emaciated skeleton. I only hope that she can become beautiful and healthy again now that the show is over. Even Jillian looked horrified when she saw her last night.


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