Is Hillary Clinton a shoo-in or what?

  • Article by: Jonathan Bernstein , Bloomberg News
  • Updated: February 4, 2014 - 11:59 AM

The evidence strongly points to her nomination, but there are still a few unknowns.

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dentesterFeb. 4, 1411:34 AM

She was a shoo-in in 2008 too.

brucelieFeb. 4, 1411:40 AM

stale air at best

jarlmnFeb. 4, 1411:51 AM

With so many women that will be mindlessly clamoring to vote for Hillary Lucretia Borgia Clinton, "because now, it's a woman's TURN to be President" ... and that a female president will *somehow* be "kinder and gentler," one wonders if Suffrage was a such a smart idea after all...

kilofoxFeb. 4, 1412:03 PM

She did such a great job in Benghazi protecting our ambassador and then trying to lie and cover it up she'd be a great choice for President. She'd maybe even make Obama look good.

bannedmuggsFeb. 4, 1412:07 PM

If Clinton gets elected, this country is really messed up. At some point in history, Black and poor people are going to realize that voting for a guy just because of skin color was a really bad idea. However, women will vote for Hillary just because of gender and ignore the massive amounts of corruption hiding in Hillary's closet. Very sad for our country.

redeye12Feb. 4, 1412:09 PM

And she is qualified based on what? A senate seat in NY, which she moved to get simply to launch here presidential campaign? No achievements as a Senator. Head of the state department where she failed to protect Americans by not providing the requested security? Four Americans died and her response was the buck stops with her, but what difference does it make. Eight years as first lady? Sorry, no her one mission was healthcare and she failed. And have you noticed she dropped the Rodham name? No thanks. We need a president with leadership skills and a firm direction. Clinton's only reason to be president is to be the first woman in that role. That's not good enough when we have a myriad of problems.

lostinstpaulFeb. 4, 1412:10 PM

Anyone remember Benghazi? Aside from that, there really isnt much to "brag" about for her is there? Being Bills Wife doesnt mean much

wickeywackeyFeb. 4, 1412:10 PM

There's little doubt the next president will support big military budgets and the thousands of US military bases, be a "friend of Israel", support total communications surveillance, be beloved and promoted by Wall Street, insurance, and Big Pharma, the entertainment industry, the pundit class, and multinational corporations, will want to "reform Social Security", and outsource more American workers. I can't wait to see who that'll be!

peoplewatchrFeb. 4, 1412:11 PM

I'm waiting for the skeletons to start showing up! There is a lot of people very reluctant to vote for a democrat after what has happened since 2008. Obamacare, IRS, NSA just to name a few.

tnesleyFeb. 4, 1412:21 PM

I don't see her running, but she is a shoe in for the Democratic nominee if she wants it. The grind of the campaign, the mud from the past, what is her vision, and damage Pres Obama is doing to the economy will not allow the next President to spend like there is no tomorrow.


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