Target details data theft in front of Senate panel

  • Article by: Jim Spencer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 4, 2014 - 10:39 PM

Company accelerates its plans to change to chip-enabled smart card

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banne1955Feb. 4, 1410:13 AM

This really angers me because I just got the debit card 2 days before Thanksgiving. Had they disclosed this sooner I would never have obtained one. Now I have to worry for who knows how long. So wrong in so many ways...

SwiftBoatFeb. 4, 1410:18 AM

How bout MN Sure and

selfmadeFeb. 4, 1410:22 AM

Is this any surprise? It was a couple days, not weeks... Deciphering IT gobbledygook into effective layman terms whilst providing effective remedies takes more than a minute or two-especially when it has to get run through every corporate department under the sun first...

railroadFeb. 4, 1410:22 AM

So much for the free Service Target is offering... signed up for it and to get a credit report costs $14.99... thought this was free for 1 year.????

redwinegrlFeb. 4, 1410:36 AM

Good-bye Target!

RobNCinFeb. 4, 1410:56 AM

I think they did as good a job with the disclosure as could be expected. Announcing this before knowing the source and scope of the problem likely would have made things worse

vegasgalFeb. 4, 1410:57 AM

Doesn't suprise me. They have not handled this breach well. (understatement)

km8100Feb. 4, 1410:58 AM

Title of this article is misleading. It would be irresponsible of Target to turn around from the phone call from Justice Dept on the 12th and immediately contact all media outlets to say "we were just told that there were fraudulent charges on cards!" It is still true that they figured out the extent and had confirmation on the 15th. So why make it look like they were being dishonest?

swmnguyFeb. 4, 1411:06 AM

"railroad": I wonder if you're referring to a credit score, rather than the credit report? By Federal law, you can check your credit report for free once a year at each of the three credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Search "federally approved free credit report" and go the FTC website and you'll get the link. Then set up a recurring calendar appointment to check each one once a year, at 4-month intervals between each bureau. Then, for free, you're looking at your credit 3 times a year. Look carefully at open and closed accounts, and contact the bureaus to get any errors corrected.

The credit report is only part of the puzzle though. If you see accounts you didn't open, get them closed. But for more specific detail, you need to examine all your monthly bills. Be mindful that many stores post bills under the name of a parent company, which might be unfamiliar to you.

The credit score is tricky. The one you'd pay $14.99 is probably formulated differently from the score a lender would use to decide whether or not to give you a loan, and at what terms. You're better off going to your bank and asking them to pull your score for you. My credit union will do it for free, if I don't bug them too often. That score will be the actual one that's helpful to you.

All "credit monitoring" is really, is a system to notify you if anything changes on your report, like a new account opening or an account becoming delinquent or similar. You can do it yourself already for free, and you ought to.

licelicebabyFeb. 4, 1411:07 AM

If they had notified the public about the breach but didn't have answers regarding the scope of the breach, what exactly was stolen, what consumers should be doing, would that have made people better off? That just leaves people with a bunch of unanswered questions. So Target does have a point that it makes sense to get answers ready and have some actionable information for consumers if you're going to notify the public. People are angry because Target got hacked. People will stay angry at Target whether they told the public the day the company found out or four days after they found out.


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