MNsure scolded for waiting too long to fix call center

  • Article by: Jeffrey Meitrodt and Jackie Crosby , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 3, 2014 - 9:39 PM

A major boost in manpower is still weeks away at MNsure’s overwhelmed call center, which continues to keep customers on hold for 30 minutes or more while the state health exchange tries to regroup from a variety of problems that have slowed enrollment.

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goferfanzFeb. 3, 14 9:42 PM

You know, the rollout is so bad, on so many levels, it actually becomes cartoonish. Yet, there is a brick wall at the end of the ACA/MNSURE road, because it does nothing to address costs. It will be a slo-motion economy choke hold......

DufferHFeb. 3, 14 9:46 PM

If you do the math you'll find the system began with 20 people in the call center and expecting them to handle 900 callers a day to help fill out complicated applications. What kind of world were these people living in? And instead they were getting more than 2,500 calls. Why is this the first time since this fiasco began that we are hearing these numbers?

cks1950Feb. 3, 14 9:53 PM

In private industry there would be termination. In government there is scolding.

drfranktFeb. 3, 1410:09 PM

The entire system has so many problems since long before the rollout, it is tie to ditch this system. The democrats forced this system down the throats of the taxpaying American Public, that was wholly against it to begin with, but it made no difference to the democrat party at the time. Remember this come November 3024 and 2016.

kenw1952wFeb. 3, 1410:12 PM

@ cks1950 Feb. 3, 14 9:53 PM In private industry there would be termination. In government there is're wrong cks, in government they give out bonuses!

kkjerFeb. 3, 1410:14 PM

Trained on Wednesday? Most companies give customer service people weeks of training on things not nearly as complicated as choosing a health insurance plan. Let the law suits begin!!

dsteinbe1977Feb. 3, 1410:16 PM

This is why I have an interview with MNsure tomorrow. I hope to get hired with a BA.

ChasmannFeb. 3, 1410:17 PM

I have been trying to reach them for a month. When I get to my office each morning, I dial the number, and leave the phone on speaker, and just let it sit while I do work related paperwork. Last time, I waited 90 minutes, and nothing. Please remember this come November, people. The fools that voted for this ACA all need to be tossed.

brianjapanFeb. 3, 1410:26 PM

Who is picking up the tab for the operators? No wonder Obamacare is so expensive. Millions and millions and millions to implement it.

fargo11Feb. 3, 1410:28 PM

In the private sector, a more efficient entity would eat MNSure's lunch and provide better service at lower cost. That's competition. Alas, we'll hear of more scolding and more of "we'll expect better performance in the future" (with a few hundred million more of your dollars).


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