New report: US abortion rate at lowest level since 1973; abortions drop 13 percent from 2008

  • Article by: DAVID CRARY , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 2, 2014 - 9:55 PM

NEW YORK — The U.S. abortion rate declined to its lowest level since 1973, and the number of abortions fell by 13 percent between 2008 and 2011, according to the latest national survey of abortion providers conducted by a prominent research institute.

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avejoeconFeb. 2, 14 3:17 PM

Really, 1 MILLION innocent children's lives were taken and you Celebrate this?

bluebird227Feb. 2, 14 3:48 PM

Yes, avejoecon, 1 million abortions is still a lot, but this is good news. We can hope that the number will continue to decline, and that someday there will be no reason for a woman to seek or require an abortion. Also, remember that 15-30% of fertilized eggs spontaneously abort, so nature (or god, if you believe he plans all potential humans) is responsible for a lot more abortions than people are.

boozlesFeb. 2, 14 3:58 PM

What about the unfortunate children who starve to death from Republicans cutting SNAP and other social safety nets? Still think Pro-Life = "Pro-Life"?

bluebird227Feb. 2, 14 4:10 PM

By the way, I was a little off on the estimates of spontaneous abortions. I did a little research and found on several web pages that about 30% of pregnancies abort spontaneously. Doctors consider a pregnancy a fertilized egg which implants in the uterus. 75-90% of fertilized eggs never implant, but are spontaneously aborted.

thefalconFeb. 2, 14 4:34 PM

Children will starve do death? Really we done have soup kitchens, churches, food banks, etc. I guess I missed that memo. Give me a break.

freedumb86Feb. 2, 14 4:57 PM

Conservatives love 6 week old embryos. Where is the love for the mother of 4 without a job? Where is the compassion for the kid who can't read because he has 35 kids in a classroom? Conservatives have a difficult time supporting anything after the 10 month of pregnancy. "Get a job!" "Quit having children!" "They should learn!" "Poverty needs to be more punishing!" "Go to a soup kitchen!" "Go to a church for the first 10 years of your life three times per day for free food!" Insanity.

liora51Feb. 2, 14 5:04 PM

No thanks to the "pro-life" people. Legal, safe,rare.

liora51Feb. 2, 14 5:11 PM

Women have been "inducing" menses for millenia in every culture and country. In the sixties, noted for the lack of accessible birth control, mothers arranged it for their daughters and I don't think there was a time between when I turned 12 and the supremes upheld the right to privacy that I didn't know where to get an abortion. It has always been part of womens'lives.

sunnyboyFeb. 2, 14 5:39 PM

Boozies - please share with us where your 'unfortunate children who starve to death from Republicans cutting SNAP and other social safety nets' data comes from. These deaths you speak of - I have not seen this covered in the Star Tribune.

erikj3Feb. 2, 14 6:01 PM

How can this be, when we were told that having a Democrat for President would lead women to have non stop abortion parties?


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