2 Utah workers placed on leave as officials investigates why lunches taken from students

  • Article by: MICHELLE L. PRICE , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 31, 2014 - 1:41 PM

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah school cafeteria manager and a district supervisor have been placed on paid leave while officials investigate why lunches were taken from students who owed money on food accounts, a district spokesman said Friday.

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coolnoutJan. 31, 14 4:19 AM

Oh, humanity............

comment229Jan. 31, 14 4:41 AM

Talk to any superintendent in the state of MN about their lunch program(s) and the answer you will hear is that they run it on a shoe string budget and hope that it breaks even. Most school districts have a concrete policy in place with several warnings being given to the parent(s) about the lack of payment. I know personally, that the school district I live in has the policy that the kid who parents are delinquent and refuse to do anything about it, are given a brown bag lunch with a peanut butter sandwich and apple. That is it along with a carton of milk.. Is the is the kids' fault? Is this the schools' fault? Nope.... I will give you one more guess whose fault it is.

localguyJan. 31, 14 7:05 AM

I have no problem with giving the children of delinquent parents a peanut butter sandwich and a carton of milk. But when you mistakenly give them a hot lunch, you say "Ooops" and admonish your staff to be more careful in the future. You don't take the lunches away and throw them in the trash. Yes, the parents are responsible. But so are the servers who shouldn't have given them the hot lunches. The one group that is NOT responsible is the children.

tituspulloJan. 31, 14 7:20 AM

Pretty lousy thing to do to a little kid. At what point does common sense kick in with these people?

gpetersmnJan. 31, 14 7:36 AM

...was a lunchroom cashier for many years....this was a daily occurrence. As the article stated, the servers in the kitchen are unaware of students' account balances. Students "pay" after being served (and don't suggest switching this procedure, it is not possible). I would send the student back to the server and tell them that they needed their lunch switched to the "peanut butter lunch." The kitchen server would discreetly toss the original lunch. Note, the original lunch must be tossed, no part of it can be re-served. Parents, I implore you, use automated payment and KEEP A BALANCE IN YOUR STUDENT'S LUNCH ACCOUNT!!!!!

gjacobJan. 31, 14 8:02 AM

"Her daughter reported children were upset and confused and some shared food with each other." -- The children are much more able to act like adults than the adults.

barbjensJan. 31, 14 8:10 AM

Food shortage for the program and they threw the food away!! WHAT A WASTE.

gpetersmnJan. 31, 14 8:27 AM

I believe the district I worked for has since eliminated the "peanut butter lunch" and new procedures are used to deal with this problem.

MikeMcClureJan. 31, 1411:58 AM

So one rogue employee makes a mistake (or an error in judgment, or both) and this is now national news? Let the principal deal with the parent complaints, handle the issue with the employee, review procedures, and be done with it. I don't think any politicians needed to be involved here.

Kathy_BrandtJan. 31, 1412:15 PM

When I was in high school in the dark ages, we had actual paper tickets that we presented to the monitor as we walked into the lunch room. That person would punch the ticket and everyone knew that when that ticket was used up, it was time to purchase a new one or go hungry. There was none of this letting kids go through the line only to find out they didn't have enough money in their account. I know things are done differently now, but there could be ways to fix it. When my youngest son was in high school, the school issued each student an ID badge. I believe it had a magnetic strip that was read as he went through the lunch line...again BEFORE they received their food. Then if the student didn't have enough in their account, they were told at that point and could either pay cash for the meal if they had it or do something else fro lunch.


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