How a 'well-to-do' couple saves with Obamacare

  • Article by: Jay Larson
  • Updated: January 30, 2014 - 6:30 PM

Each family varies, but in our situation, Obamacare’s a ‘wow.’

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supervon2Jan. 30, 14 6:54 PM

This does prove that they didn't shop around sufficiently prior to entering Obamacare.

pinky1933Jan. 30, 14 7:27 PM

There are - and will be - many more stories like this. Moreover, as the system improves, more peo

arspartzJan. 30, 14 7:29 PM

This is NOT apples to apples. You admit that you are in the high risk pool. A fair comparison would have been a family with no extraordinary cost adders. All you are documenting is that everyone else is subsidizing YOUR health care. Marx would be proud.

pinky1933Jan. 30, 14 7:32 PM more people realize the importance of being insured and join the rolls the competition among healthcare providers and insurance providers will result in lowers costs overall.

WaterBunkerJan. 30, 14 7:34 PM

Jay: Enjoy your rates for a year or two. Unless government subsidies are imposed, you will be back to your old rates or higher. Do you really believe that Obama magic has struck?

hammarhead1Jan. 30, 14 7:55 PM

My wife and I found the same thing and guess what? Obamacare went seamlessly. Try again supervon.

jbpaperJan. 30, 14 8:09 PM

From all of us that weren't in a high risk pool and are now seeing our premiums go up, you're welcome. As a financial adviser, I would think you would understand that someone else paying extra to make up the difference. You may not be getting a government subsidy, but you are getting subsidized by the other customers.

tocqueville2012Jan. 30, 14 8:17 PM

I struggle with the writer's naivete that there is no free lunch. Does this savings "magically" come from Obama? Pretty sad, these premiums will either go up once the actuarials see the lack of signups by healthy people or we will be bankrupt as a country for subsidizing Mr.Larson's insurance.

csjohnJan. 30, 14 8:37 PM

The whole concept of insurance is a bet. You are betting you will use the insurance, the companies are betting you will not (or not be able to). The companies pool their risk. All who use the insurance are subsidized by those who do not. Supervon2, all you did was extend the shallow arguments of the opposition.

jurburJan. 30, 14 8:54 PM

Thank you.


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