NYC mayor won't attend high-priced Super Bowl after campaigning as middle-class family man

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: January 30, 2014 - 5:55 PM

NEW YORK — New York City is co-hosting the Super Bowl this weekend but its mayor will not attend the nation's biggest sporting event.

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nessmessJan. 31, 14 5:43 AM

Will he be watching it on tv??

wisebookJan. 31, 14 6:44 AM

Well God forbid that a politician live within his means and not fleece the taxpayers for the cost of attending an opulent event. No we would much rather have someone who takes the state helicopter to his son's baseball games at taxpayer expense and then shuts down the roadways for no particular reason.

michaelfossumJan. 31, 14 6:55 AM

What the hell is an "elected public advocate?"

firebirdJan. 31, 14 7:16 AM

De Blasio is paid $225,000 a year and made $165,000 a year the last four years as the city's elected public advocate. Making that kind of money and you call your self middle class. I wish.

circleoflifeJan. 31, 14 7:19 AM

Hey, Bill! While you're at it, move to a smaller house in the inner city, buy generic food, don't go to movies, don't go to concerts or the opera, trade in your car and buy an old used one, etc, etc. If you don't LIVE it, you don't know it and can't pretend to be one of us.

bdthompsonJan. 31, 14 7:41 AM

@firebird - While you and I may think that is a lot of money, $225k in NYC really is (upper) middle income. My daughter lives there and I'm not sure how they manage on their incomes. This is an area where a 1 bedroom apt can cost upwards of a million bucks. De Blasio lives in a modest row house in Brooklyn and decided only recently to move into Gracie Manison, the provided housing for the mayor, because it made sense for the official events he has to host there. But he still takes his son to school everyday in Brooklyn.

formergopJan. 31, 14 8:18 AM

Nice to see a politician walks the same as he talks.

zekim09Jan. 31, 1410:01 AM

@firebird -- The cost of living is much higher in NY, NY. A general rule of thumb is to halve any wages before comparing them with the Twin Cities area. Making $165,000 is equivalent to making around $85,000 in the Twin Cities, which is solidly in the Middle Class.

bwebsterJan. 31, 1411:24 AM

Yeah, let's beat up on a man working a job that people elected him to do, for a salary that he did not set. And shame on him for spending time at home with his son and refusing to 'hob-nob' with millionaires!

tooty123Jan. 31, 14 2:19 PM

Good for him! He has his priorities right! He cannot afford to buy a ticket and send both children to college. I'm proud that he stated the truth about the overpriced sporting event that can be watched on tv with his family.


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