Gordon Sprenger named Minnesota Orchestra's new board chair

  • Article by: GRAYDON ROYCE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 31, 2014 - 11:30 AM

Gordon Sprenger, the retired Allina CEO, vows to “restore trusting, respectful relationships.” Orchestra president Michael Henson takes pay cut.

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akadamsJan. 30, 14 5:41 PM

Graydon, are you certain that Osmo resigned "...to protest the inability of the board and musicians to reach a contract..."? Sorry. The truth is not in the dead center. One side locked out the other in a wasteful, petty and destructive move. Osmo said he'd leave if it didn't end. The chairman and CEO and head of negotiating were publicly indifferent. And Osmo kept his word. Mr. Sprenger has his work cut out for him.

eric2001Jan. 30, 14 6:01 PM

Oh, is that what Osmo said? I doubt it. Maybe he was disgusted by the board's unwillingness to actually negotiate in good faith and felt it was the only thing he could do to wake the board up from self-induced comas. I don't really know. But it is a big stretch for you to make a statement implying that you somehow know exactly why Osmo resigned.

sukhinoJan. 30, 14 6:09 PM

Does he like classical music? Heard the previous chair, Jon Campbell, never went to concerts. I dearly hope Mr. Sprenger will bring Osmo back and get things turn things around.

robotczarJan. 30, 14 7:01 PM

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. How does being a bank executive qualify one to run an orchestra board? The orchestra needs new blood with new ideas.

pruthjJan. 30, 14 8:10 PM

A healer as chairman of the board would be most welcome. Not so sure about electing yet another CEO. Someone who at least knows how to hum would be a plus.

diogenesnyJan. 30, 14 8:28 PM

Vaya con Dios to Mr. Sprenger and his Herculean task.

mno0624Jan. 30, 1410:30 PM

Gordy is a nice guy but unfortuately has not got the guts to make tough decisions. Remember it was under his regime the whole Medica/Allina partnership collapsed.

danadogJan. 31, 14 1:01 AM

As they say, experience makes the man. From the Wayback machine: former MN attorney general Mike Hatch once accused Allina Health System and its CEO at the time, Gordon Sprenger, of having far too many perks and spending too much of their health care dollars on administration, instead of, you know, for actual health care. All this was detailed in the StarTribune article, "Hatch attacks Allina's perks," March 22, 2001. Ironically, among the apparent excessive perks was, according to the article, "$2,500 for a 14-member orchestra at a retreat at the Radisson Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria." That works out to about $178.00 per player. Good luck to you, musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra! (Confidential to Mr. Sprenger: Get Osmo back and you undo a lot of the damage. Get to it.)

emilysfriendJan. 31, 14 6:10 AM

I'm sick of the whole mess! These musicians operate in their own world - a fantasy one!!! Have the board go and beg and plead with Osmo to come back? What a big baby!!! Sounds to me like a 4 year old who took his ball and went home - now wants to be begged to come back and play. Osmo - stay home!! No one cares!!!

pharclarJan. 31, 14 7:34 AM

emilysfriend, what a ridiculous statement! A huge number of people actually do care if Osmo returns! Just because you don't care doesn't make it true!


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