Marriage doesn't cure poverty, a job does

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  • Updated: January 30, 2014 - 4:00 PM

Marriage doesn't always improve matters, and besides, government can't legislate it.

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FrankLJan. 30, 1412:59 PM

If they can't find men suitable for marriage then why are they having kids with them? Perhaps the first step is some self-control.

pumiceJan. 30, 14 1:02 PM

From the commentary's conclusion: "[The earned income credit, the child tax credit and Social Security] and are more effective and efficient ways for the government to reduce poverty [than marriage is]." Unfortunately, neither data nor the common sense ideas contained in this commentary are capable of persuading the ilk who think the "Lib" in "Women's Lib" stands for "libido" that getting married will decrease the rate of poverty. What will decrease the rate of poverty is a fair day's pay for a fair day's work!

SlickrocksJan. 30, 14 1:02 PM

Actually having two parents does improve matters for children -- study after study has proven that. If there are no children, it doesn't matter. And what planet is this person from saying that government can't legislate marriage. True, they currently can't require that parents of children be married, but they could. But they do legislate all sorts of benefits (and penalties) for those who are, or in some cases are not, married. Citing anecdotal assertions like "sometimes it doesn't help", without any data on how often this is the case (hint, not very often) makes for meaningless commentary and proves nothing. Are we that short of thoughtful, well-written, well-documented commentaries in this world that the Strib has to publish libtalk filler like this?

okaybruceerJan. 30, 14 1:08 PM

FrankL - such ideas are anathema in the modern world.

shushyn78Jan. 30, 14 1:13 PM

Can we just stuff the myth that parents divorce because they are fighting? People divorce because they are tired of one or each other or they found someone else that they think they can do better with. Or one of them is a substance abuser or shiftless spending their days on the couch. Once they split, the limited resources are now split between two households with rent and utilities and child support, daycare, transportation, insurance etc. Marriage, even if only on paper, living with a roommate is still more economical than the gibberish of this article.

endothermJan. 30, 14 1:14 PM

Conservatives love phony "solutions" to poverty that don't require them to do anything to actually help solve the problem. Then, they can just sit back, judge other people, hoard their money and feel superior. I suppose it is emotionally satisfying to them, but it means that nothing ever gets fixed.

ginny6Jan. 30, 14 1:19 PM

Marriage might be a solution to poverty if you marry someone who is making $150K.

ericgus55Jan. 30, 14 1:49 PM

Let me see if I understand the current position of many of our 'conservative' commentators. 'Marriage is a good thing for society and children, but gay folks shouldn't be legally allowed to do it, even if they are raising kids. Having children out of wedlock is bad, but we shouldn't encourage nor fund contraception or sex education.' Do I have it right?

openconceptJan. 30, 14 2:03 PM

Conservatives love phony "solutions" to poverty that don't require them to do anything to actually help solve the problem -- Well, given that all the liberals have tried to do hasn't erased poverty in 50 years...guess that means that don't care either? And I think it would be pretty self explanatory to most...2 incomes mean MORE income than one income. Basic math.

opernkiimerJan. 30, 14 2:09 PM

The solution to millions of unemployed Americans, lack of jobs, low wages and declioning benefits could be easily solved by the US Congress. All they need to do is stop flooding the US Labor market with cheap foreign labor for a while and mandate E-Verify. In fact, mandating E-verify for all jobs would get us back to full employment by the end of winter.


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