Minnesota counties, DFLers challenge welfare drug tests

  • Article by: Chris Serres , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 29, 2014 - 10:13 PM

A DFL legislator proposes overturning the 2012 law, while county officials tell a hearing that the cost is big while the problem is small.

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karb0013Jan. 29, 1410:22 PM

County and DFLers to Taxpayers: It's too burdensome to keep track of your money, so we are just gonna give it away.

avejoeconJan. 29, 1410:33 PM

How do they know the problem is small. The people that do drugs just don't sign up. Saves a TON of money. and other states have found that drug users drop out as soon as the testing starts. So, yes, the number of positive results are small, because it is doing what it is suppose to do, preventing drug users from collecting.

elmore1Jan. 29, 1410:38 PM

Tell the counties to quit whining and "suck it up" and keep doing them. Taxpayers deserve to know where our tax dollars are going. 36k for Hennepin County? They spend more then that on donuts...

thefalconJan. 29, 1410:57 PM

Oh course. The dems need them on welfare for the votes.

avejoeconJan. 29, 1411:11 PM

Hennepin County officials estimate it will cost $36,416 — or $32 for each drug test — for the estimated 1,138 convicted drug felons on public programs in the county. It will cost another $12,500 to send letters notifying people of the tests and responding to questions and appeals, the county estimates.-----------Funny thing. the people doing these test are already on the payroll and would be paid whether they do these tests or not and whether they send out the results or not.

mahogma66Jan. 29, 1411:12 PM

Rule #1; You want to drug test? Fine, and let's not forget to include everyone currently in any elected office. In Florida, 2.6% of welfare recipients failed the test, primarily for marijuana. Applicants had to pay for the test and that money had to be reimbursed if they passed the test. It's costing the state about 50 thousand dollars every 4 months to run the program. Florida is also the home of U S Senator Trey Radel who recently pled guilty to cocaine possession and yet received no reprimand and a minimal parole for an offence he is willing to punish others for-what pathetic hypocracy.

falcon1681Jan. 29, 1411:14 PM

thefalcon - Oh course. The dems need them on welfare for the votes. -------------- Whereas Republicans wish they just couldn't vote at all.

lumpermanJan. 29, 1411:18 PM

The problem is NOT small it is huge! Our government wastes way too much money on second, third, forth and fifth generation welfare recipients. It has become a way of life for the ignorant and the entitled. Instead of a rescue plan for the down and out as initially designed. It is not them sustaining from rich peoples surplus. It is coming from those of us working OT and two jobs just to support our families. Anything we do to lower the misuse of funds is a good thing. Stop fighting for what is wrong. Most of us hard working people would give even more money to those that truly need it, but NOT to those that currently request if. I feel they should not be allowed to drink smoke, gamble or get pierces and tattoos. If they can afford such things, in my mind, they do not need our tax dollars. I am sick of it and anyone that could vote for these liberals destroying society is beyond me.

erikj3Jan. 29, 1411:30 PM

I'd be a bit more supportive of this type of thing if the people mandating it were tested as well.

avejoeconJan. 29, 1411:40 PM

I'd be a bit more supportive of this type of thing if the people mandating it were tested as well.-------to get the job, they ARE drug tested.


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