Parise's presence being felt for Wild

  • Article by: Michael Kelly , Special to the Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 30, 2014 - 12:49 PM

Back from a broken foot, the winger made a big impact in the Wild’s victory at Anaheim.

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bhrnew1lJan. 30, 14 5:51 AM

I think they will lose 2 straight, the Ducks win was again more about the Wilds schedule than it was about then as a team, the Ducks just had that outdoor game in Dodger stadium on Sunday for cripes sake, if the Wild had played in that game the Ducks would have fired a record high 100 shots at Kemper and "YEO would have said oh are legs are just so so tired, and boy were just mentally drained " I am not kidding...... I looked at the schedule for tonight and it does not look like the AVES are traveling in Europe or anything like that so the Wild should have some push back for a change but the AVES are still faced with playing against a 7 foot goalie in Kemper that needs to be solved..... The one difference with the Wild now is Parise is there without Koivou, The Wild have not looked good with the both of them in the line up together, I would like to see how the Wild compete in a game that Kemper plays just average in........ It could be that Koivou and Backstrom are trade material, that would pretty much clean house from the sale of the team back 5-6 years ago

JPetersen3Jan. 30, 14 6:18 AM

Good grief, what a whiner.

edutchboyJan. 30, 14 6:24 AM

It must drive Mgala crazy when Parise gets all this print.

mgalaforetJan. 30, 14 6:47 AM

Dutchboy, do you truly think Parise had anything to do with the first to wins when he came back? He had zero impact. I will take my experience over the past 50 years watching, playing (high school, college), and coaching any day, over some sports writer who likely has never played the game, let alone any sports. Also in college I took a few journalism courses, and have been in the business world for a long time. I know full well how and why these articles are written the way they are. In this case, filler because nothing else is going-on. Also, in case you haven't noticed, the print media is a declining business. So newspapers are going to write the way in which they think will draw in the readers. Finally, Parise got paid $12MM this year and last. Let me know if you, or the Wild got their money's worth in terms of results. I am sure Craig L likes the bottom-line impact to a degree, if he cares about the Cup, I m pretty sure he's not happy with Parise's results thus far. As a season ticket holder, and relative to what the Wild are getting out of Suter for the same price, Parise looks like another in the long line of Minnesota busts. If I wasn't paying for the tickets, he could get paid $100MM for all I care.

bolson22Jan. 30, 14 6:48 AM

How about we all quit marking thumbs up, or thumbs down for magla and bhrnew. Maybe they will go away!

homerunkingJan. 30, 14 7:01 AM

Zach played his game against the Ducks. He works hard every stride and at the end of the game you look at his stats and go, Holy Smokes! He's doing what the Wild hoped Koivu could do. They still need a flying sniper that makes you come out of your seat. Maybe they could trade Koivu for some punch.

gold1515Jan. 30, 14 7:13 AM

Here is a post from the other day. Who does this sound like. Looks like you know who is trying out a new handle. From: cfgfsm Jan. 29, 14 9:31 AM Read the LA paper. The Ducks were flat after the outdoor game at dodger stadium. The players quoted stated the coaches warned them to get focused but the players did not respond. Slow legs and completely absent mentally.Credit the Wild for taking advantage of the situation.Also Wild do not have to play back to back games on this road trip. "I would like to see how the Wild compete in a game that Kemper plays just average in........ " that makes sense. That's like saying " let's see how the broncos play if Elway just played average" " let's see how the Dodgers do if Kershaw just pitches average" yah, let's see how any team in any sport does if the most important position plays average.

obstakesJan. 30, 14 7:37 AM

Just ignore them. They do it to get the reaction. The best thing is to have their posts receive 0 ups and 0 downs.I don't even read their posts any more. They obviously don't get hockey, so why bother?

LandmarkJan. 30, 14 8:40 AM

Oh those poor ducks! They had that draining 3 zero victory in their own backyard at Dodger Stadium! Then they had to travel about 30 whole miles to get home! The schedulers really shafted them on this one...the poor dears only got 1 full day off at home before the game against the Wild! Furthermore the big bad Kings must have really beat them up in that outdoor game! Yep they play physical unlike the undersized Wild...hey wait a minute! Didn't the wimpy Wild beat the Kings the other day too? Wasn't that a home game for the Kings? Guess that one doesn't count either.

bztx21Jan. 30, 14 8:43 AM

Mgala actually makes some pretty good points in his posts. I take them with a grain of salt but it is interesting to hear a critical view of the Wild after reading a bunch of homer stories and comments. He is right that Parise didn't have much impact in his first 2 games back from injury but played better in ANA. However, he will need to make his money by getting the Wild into the playoffs and winning a series, not just wearing the jersey.


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