Frustration with Atlanta mayor boils over for CNN interviewer

  • Article by: DAVID BAUDER , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 30, 2014 - 1:28 PM

NEW YORK — CNN's Carol Costello was more than prepared for her contentious live interview with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed on Wednesday, having spent frustrating hours caught in the epic traffic snarls caused by the rare Southern snowstorm.

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firebirdJan. 30, 14 9:14 AM

Hey Carol, take a deep breath. He is only the Mayor not Mother Nature.

ummmyeahJan. 30, 1410:00 AM

Seriously, people want to blame the mayor? What is wrong with people?

mankatoeastJan. 30, 1410:04 AM

Hopefully they knew that weather was on the way and it could be a bad situation. In that case the Governor should have closed schools and told people to "stay home". Just common sense.

CoopJan. 30, 1410:07 AM

One hour to go two miles seems about right for that type of situation. That happens in the Twin City area occasionally. Costello should ratchet back a little. While I grew up and live in the North, I know that the same snow fall in the South is different then in the North. The ground isn't frozen in the South and that makes the ground surface slippery. I have lived other places like Portland OR where drivers just pull over and abandon their cars when ice rain turns to ice. This creates incredible havoc but is probably a wise move on the motorists part.

JvonkorffJan. 30, 1410:10 AM

The problem, really, is that Atlanta's transportation system for cars is vastly inadequate for normal rush hour traffic. There is no way that you could possibly handle that traffic under ice and snow conditions given the transportation system that exists. Sending everybody home at the same time was a mistake. The rest was inevitable.

joe_mnJan. 30, 1410:12 AM

You are at work. Mayor says do not drive home. City trucks apply sand/salt. Is ineffective. Cars clog roads. NOW what does city do? What can they do, NOW?

rlwr51Jan. 30, 1410:21 AM

So, Atlanta is supposed to keep a fleet of snow plows and sanding trucks, or what? People down there don't even own ice scrapers to clean their windshields. They also have a tendancy to panic and jump in their cars at the first sign of a snowflake. I witnessed that a few years ago - I was sitting in a restaurant and all of a sudden people got up and hurridly left the restaurant. It caught my attention so I looked around and to try to figure out what was going on. Then I noticed snowflakes outside - not even what we would call flurries. People not only don't know how to drive in snow, they seem to be afraid of it. There were people litterally diving 10 (some even less) miles per hour in what would be called a dusting of snow on the roads... I really fail to see how the mayor, the governor or anyone else could have done - other than maybe order everyone to not drive - that would be government intrusion, though.

djm55422Jan. 30, 1410:25 AM

A CNN journalist interested in the truth? That is a new twist.

EleanoreJan. 30, 1410:32 AM

Maybe she was wrong, it's not his fault, but it is nice to see an interviewer terating people with responsibility like they are people who are responsible, especially when they don't take ownership for it.

bobblumenfelJan. 30, 1410:35 AM

Anybody above me notice that according to the report, the anchor simply responded to the mayor's barb "that's easy to say from your anchor seat"? I realize interviewers are supposed to be completely objective, but I don't think her response was overly angry, either, especially in the face of a minor personal attack.


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