Twin Cities schools scramble to recoup days lost to cold

  • Article by: Shannon Prather , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 29, 2014 - 9:32 PM

Some districts are shaving days off long weekends to avoid extending school year.

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batman50Jan. 29, 14 2:52 PM

PD days, late start mornings, pres day, good fri, saturdays, sundays, evenings- whatever. There's a lot of time between now and the end of the year to make these days up that are better learning day for kids than in the middle of June. Yes I even said sat- and I teach.

bnelson333Jan. 29, 14 2:54 PM

Everybody who complained that they didn't need to close school because they never had a cold day when they were in school can surely stop now. The kids are making it up. Everything's fair again, the kids aren't getting a free ride that you didn't get. Good grief.

BloomingtonChrisJan. 29, 14 2:56 PM

Could this strategy be more about packing in instruction days ahead of the season of high-stakes tests in the spring and less about cutting into summer?

FrankLJan. 29, 14 3:00 PM

Well at least a few school districts have some common sense. Use a few of these misc days off to fill the calendar. Can't get to any place nice on a 3 day weekend in Feb.

frenkelJan. 29, 14 3:02 PM

Don't forget we have the traditionally heaviest snow months still ahead of us. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched in regards to extending the school year.

nuzzlegrubJan. 29, 14 3:09 PM

They need to make it up before June or they will be whining "it's too hot" for our precious children.

libsheepJan. 29, 14 3:22 PM

It's about time that schools stop taking days off that most businesses don't take off. President's Day, MLK Day, and most of the holiday breaks (a.k.a. winter break). Sorry, but kids should be in school if most parents are at work. Sevens - 10 days off coupled with a spring break really should be enough days off for kids. Actually, I think it's about time we do away with summer break, go to 12 weeks on and on week off and go all year long. A mind is a terrible thing to waste for three months every year.

wplettfanJan. 29, 14 4:00 PM

First they complain about schools having the days off. Now they want to complain about when the days will be made up. Let's face it, some people just want to complain about schools. Doesn't matter what schools do, it's either wrong, or not good enough according to some commenters.

isogstreetJan. 29, 14 4:08 PM

Never should have closed in the first place. Never asked them to close. Never wanted them to close. We're going out of town over President's Day whether school is open or not. We've had the reservations since October.

jarlmnJan. 29, 14 4:10 PM

How about we just get smart and restructure this whole archaic system? Much of the school year *still* revolves around an olden Agricultural Age paradigm that doesn't even much impact farm kids anymore. And why can't the schools have a normal 9-5 school day, mirroring most of their parent's schedules? And for that matter, why do we still insist upon the moribund Industrial Age system of marching students through their K-12 years in insipid lock-step age-cohorts? The entire K-12 system is in desperate need of restructuring... or blowing-up! Let's get with the 21st Century here!


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