Warning sounded over monarch migration levels

  • Article by: Dan Browning , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 30, 2014 - 11:34 AM

Survey shows its winter Mexican habitat is smallest on record.

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copper88Jan. 29, 1412:19 PM

Time to abolish Monsanto and their genetically modified "Roundup Ready" products.

tink0077Jan. 29, 1412:22 PM

Shrinkage I would think is likely due to the recent bitter cold weather we've had.

colonel715Jan. 29, 1412:22 PM

It's sad to see the Monarch butterfly go from plentiful to scarce in such a relatively short time. I remember seeing tons of them during the summer in Wisconsin 40 years ago.

jray24Jan. 29, 1412:23 PM

I'd like to help, by planting some locally sourced milkweed plants. Any body know where I can get them in the Mpls-St. Paul area?

daytonsajokeJan. 29, 1412:34 PM

copper88Jan. 29, 1412:19 PM Time to abolish Monsanto and their genetically modified "Roundup Ready" products.............didn't see one mention about Monsanto in the article. Besides I didn't know that Monsanto was genetically modifying the milkweed plant where Monarch's lay their eggs. Otherwise they drink nectar from flowers. I didn't know corn or wheat or oats had nectar producing flowers on them. Monarchs like meadows with wildflowers in them. But hey these are just facts.

wileyrulesJan. 29, 1412:36 PM

Jray, try to collect seed pods n the fall from road ditches. You could find some this spring even. Just google a picture if you don't know what they look like. They are native so should survive the cold winter

tmauelJan. 29, 1412:49 PM

I grow milkweed in the back yard of Marshalls Drive In located on the SW corner of Lake Menomin in Menomonie, WI. Stop by and pick some seed pods.

hammarhead1Jan. 29, 14 1:58 PM

daytonsajoke. You should check your facts before posting. Here is how it works. Monarchs do not get nectar from crops. The crops are genetically modified so Roundup will not kill them. However, Roundup kills any milkweed in the fields. Research indicates that Monarch reproduction is better on milkweed in fields than milkweed in meadows. Less milkweed due to gm crops equals less monarchs. Hey, THESE are just the facts.

actualreaderJan. 29, 14 2:00 PM

Well, if we succeed in eradicating the monarch, that'll be our best accomplishment as a society since the passenger pigeon. If you live in an outstate area please check with your county or township -- agricultural interests have declared milkweed a "noxious weed" in many of them. Then find some seed pods and plant them in your yard, or hold the "helicopters" out your car window as you drive. You can order milkweed seeds from monarchwatch.org. Make sure it's the "common" type -- they don't thrive on the "pretty" narrow-leafed ones. And ignore the people who don't get that asphalt-to-asphalt herbiciding for miles on end kills natural habitat. They're in a different reality than we are.

mlafleurJan. 29, 14 2:07 PM

Let me see, bees are going down,so are moose, so are pheasants in S.D.,so are walleyes in Mille Lacs, White bear lake is disappearing and so are the aquifers, we got deformed frogs and the list just goes on and on. Let`s just pave over the whole works and build another big mine. Our great grandchildren will understand!


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