President Obama praises Punch Pizza for raising its minimum wage

  • Article by: Corey Mitchell , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 29, 2014 - 10:38 AM

Twin Cities pizzeria owner, worker were in the gallery and praised for increase in workers’ wages.

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jamgraJan. 28, 14 9:02 PM

Cool move by the Punch owners. I think I'll go visit Punch Pizza in Northeast this weekend!

hammarhead1Jan. 28, 14 9:38 PM

We own a small business and have always paid well over minimum wage. It is morally right. Sure, I make a little less, but I feel good about it.

engag47Jan. 28, 14 9:54 PM

Congrats to Punch Pizza, not only because I absolutely love their pizza but because they are paying a great wage (it's all relative) to their employee's. I also agreed with the President when he said he would encourage any business owner to follow John. However, that is where it should remain "a private business decision" not a mandated (law) raising of minimum wage for all employees by the federal government.

plizzoJan. 28, 1410:08 PM

It's funny seeing these cognitively deficient people celebrating Punch for paying $10 an hour. Newsflash: $10 an hour is not enough to "raise a family" or for even a single person to support himself. On $10 an hour, could you even afford to pay for rent on a one bedroom apartment plus your living expenses? No. What about health insurance? Are the employees getting free health insurance from Punch? If Punch wants to pay $10 an hour to its unskilled employees, that is fine. But for you folks out there to pretend that Punch has a heart of gold when $10 an hour isn't squat is beyond ridiculous. If anything, employees should get minimum wage plus profit participation. That way, they share in the success--or failure. By the way, I am boycotting Punch. No way I will spend a dime there knowing the owner is an Obama backer.

srosengrenJan. 28, 1410:27 PM

Yahoo! Punch Pizza...a HUGE entrenurial enterprise!! Good pizza, however good pizza can be had most everywhere. Gag me with a spoon. Political pizza doesn't swallow too well! Again...fresh basil isn't an anomaly. Punch? Not for me.

vampress_meJan. 28, 1410:27 PM

So why didn't he praise the "city" of SeaTac, WA by Seattle? They raised the minimum wage to $15/hr. Would that be because the raise experiment hasn't necessarily gone so well there? The number of hotels and other businesses that came out and said they were not going to be hiring or expanding shows how well it has worked so far...

engag47Jan. 28, 1411:10 PM

@ plizzo no one is blindly praising Punch and saying people are going to fully live the American dream off of $10.00 an hour but for a part-time service industry, $10.00 an hour is a decent wage. Either way the point is: it was a business decision to attract and retain a better quality employee and shouldn't be mandated like many democrats want it to be.

michaelpatrickJan. 28, 1411:28 PM

Punch Pizza was founded in and is based in St. Paul. Of course since the Star-Tribune refuses to acknowledge the existence of St. Paul any chance it gets, add this to the growing pile of growing examples of what seems to be a formal policy of the paper.

counter555Jan. 28, 1411:48 PM

Nice mention of Minneapolis-based Punch and their success with raising pay. . It does make sense that if you pay minimum wage worker more money, they're just apt to go out and spend it each month. Who benefits from that? .. Everyone else. -- More gas to pump, more clothes to buy, more tobacco tax money and lottery sales, and savings to get ahead in life .. .. And it's much better to reward working people than to give out gravy towards welfare or the super long unemployed out there.

zkat5zugJan. 29, 14 1:31 AM

Spoken like a true conservative plizzo. Offer no encouragement, just knock everything that's not perfect. $10 is not that much, but no issue as big as this is going to be fixed in one move. It's like healthcare - because it isn't perfect, let's throw it completely out. That's why we're behind the 8 ball on so many issues, because of obstructionist attitudes. The point is, if one business raises the minimum, maybe more do, and sooner or later, it's the standard. I've been a regular at Punch Pizza for a long time because they've always had an attitude of sharing and caring. If you're going to complain about everything that's not a perfect solution out of the gate, and Lord knows that what you conservatives do so well, then nothing ever gets done until is way past time. Sound familiar?


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