Tevlin: $500M boost from hosting Super Bowl? Super bogus

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 28, 2014 - 7:47 PM

We’ve barely broken ground on that new football stadium across the street from where I write, and already we’re starting to see the benefits, just like they promised.

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hjwiensJan. 28, 14 8:44 PM

Jon, you raise some good points. However the tenor of your usual commentary is dismal and cynical enough that I doubt you have any influence with those of us who don't see despair everywhere.

holstjJan. 28, 14 9:17 PM

I'm sitting in a hotel in NJ finishing up a business trip and the news tonight announces there are 18k unsold tickets for the Super Bowl this weekend.

whsuksJan. 28, 1411:07 PM

"I doubt you have any influence with those of us who don't see despair everywhere." ..............And you don't see the reality behind the threats and bullying and NFL colored spreadsheets, hjwiens . It's just a plain bad deal. Period! Read the unbiased reports and not the propaganda through the purple tinted eyeglasses.

BallFourJan. 29, 1412:55 AM

Good for Tevlin to write it. It's not news. Not to some of us. There are hundreds of thousands of words that have told us the truth for decades: This "benefit" from events and stadiums is always overstated by sports teams, owners and league officials.

realmnfanJan. 29, 14 3:34 AM

Seems like nobody has an accurate estimate as to the economic impact from the game. Hosting the game is further evidence of Minneapolis' standing as one of the elite cities in the country.

randyjkJan. 29, 14 5:49 AM

Just think what the Olympics are worth!

Willy53Jan. 29, 14 6:23 AM

Well spoken, Jon. Many of the principles of this discussion apply to the original debate on the benefits of a publicly financed stadium. We're still waiting for the promised surge in development around Target Field. No new buildings have materialized while the retail and bar businesses next to the stadium get the bump on game day. This then falls into the trap that those folks are spending their entertainment dollar there and won't spend it elsewhere which negates the overall impact on the city's economy. It ends up being a subsidy that chooses one particular business over all others and one entertainment that is beyond the affordability of most. It can then be arged that the stadium has a negative influence on the rest of the Twin Cities entertainment industry. Let's call a spade a spade.

RossbergJan. 29, 14 7:18 AM

The $500 million myth should not be the major concern. What's frightening is that we have a governor who is not only naive enough to believe it but also spouts it in speeches as though it was gospel. Of course, when you're as desperate as he is to find any rationalization for the mess he's made of his 3 years in office his doing so is somewhat understandable. If we do get a Super Bowl, a 21st century Pandora's Box containing a collection of prostitutes, con artists, and the like, people you'd normally be running out of town, it'll be notable only for increased traffic, local people avoiding downtown and the millions spent on the obligatory short-term "beautification" of the area.

redeye12Jan. 29, 14 7:38 AM

Thanks John. It's the same rationale used to get the public to pay for stadiums. Big economic boost they all say. B as in B and S as in S. In the case of a stadium, the money would be used for other purposes, which would have the same impact on the economy. Borrowing for stadium funds starves out potentially better uses of public funds. As for hosting an event, yes you get an influx for hotels, restaurants, etc. But there are costs to the city and state that never seem to get counted. Everything from infrastructure changes to OT for police and fire.

mckensm0Jan. 29, 14 8:04 AM

I remember being told the 1992 Super Bowl would be the equivalent of 200 dollars for every resident of Minnesota. 22 years have passed and I'm still waiting for my payment...


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