State of Union: Obama vows to flex powers, sidestep Congress if needed to narrow income gap

  • Article by: JULIE PACE , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 29, 2014 - 10:38 AM

WASHINGTON — Seeking to energize his sluggish second term, President Barack Obama vowed Tuesday night in his State of the Union address to sidestep Congress "whenever and wherever" necessary to narrow economic disparities between America's rich and poor.

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nessmessJan. 28, 14 6:11 AM

Interesting...... Basing your retirement plan upon buying US gov't savings bonds (that may be fine if the national debt were less than zero)... That will make the American public the largest purchasers of US debt (China and other countries will not always buy our debt)... What happens when gov't increase the printing of money to pay the debt on the bonds and inflation increases to the point where the bonds are worthless and a can of tomato soup is $10??? This is a very poor plan that will hurt the American citizen, but gives the gov't an easy way to pay off the debt with funny money.... The sound method (that would strengthen the economy, keep inflation down and strengthen retirement accounts), would be to balance the budget and pay down the debt...

kleindropperJan. 28, 14 6:54 AM

I guess I don't understand the "savings plan". Why can't people just start an IRA? Those already exist. Is this a back door for the government to start seizing 401Ks? The way this guy does things, I would say "yes".

circleoflifeJan. 28, 14 7:17 AM

We should all be frightened the the leader of the country's initiative is to "go it alone". You were not the only person hired to lead the country, sir. If you can't/won't work with others you should resign.

A440Jan. 28, 14 7:20 AM

Quack (limp), Quack! (limp).

kebu80Jan. 28, 14 8:18 AM

Nice work with raising that Minimum wage King Obama! Did you ever think about what that will cost us small business owners? I will immediately layoff 15% of my work force when you institute that! As for this soaring economy....are you kidding? This administration is so out of touch and in denial. All they care about is the next election. Problem is all these ill-informed Minnesota voters will put Hillary in charge next and our downward fall will continue. Do you liberals know that 38% of our national debt has been incurred since King Obama took office? Will he talk about that in his speech?

firefight41Jan. 28, 14 8:25 AM

Wow, I can't watch the speech since the movie Captain Phillips is on at the same time.

dogmanJan. 28, 14 8:26 AM

"The more he tries to do it alone and do confrontation, the less he's going to be able to get cooperation" -- what cooperation has he gotten so far? He should have done it alone in 2010.

avejoeconJan. 28, 14 8:45 AM

Any true leader would sit down with congress and get things done rather than "go it alone". But, nope, this "president" choses to do the opposite. Attack Attack,and attack. Then wonders why no one will work with him. Funny how he could have gotten all these things done his first two years in office when he had both branches of congress, but chose to ignore everything completely. Then blames the GOP for his failure to get it done. If you look up the defintion fo failure, Obama's picture is right next to the defintion.

flatstanleyJan. 28, 14 8:47 AM

nessmess, were you aware that the American public is and has been the largest holder of US debt for several years now? Only about $5B of our debt is held by foriegn countries. The US owes more in debt to our Social Security funds then we do to China.

dogmanJan. 28, 14 9:07 AM

"The more he tries to do it alone and do confrontation, the less he's going to be able to get cooperation" -- what cooperation has he gotten so far? He should have done it alone in 2010.


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