Former Wisconsin standout walked away from NFL with no regrets

  • Article by: Sam Farmer , Los Angeles Times
  • Updated: January 28, 2014 - 7:46 AM

Former Seahawks and Broncos lineman John Moffitt decided, at 27, that he didn’t want to play football anymore.

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mnfaninmtJan. 28, 14 8:43 AM

Maybe Moffitt's view contains an element of "sour grapes" but he is saying things about the misplaced adulation of professional athetes who many times are disappointing on a personal level. Good luck to him in the "real world".

timnilesJan. 28, 1410:15 AM

The problem with most men who have excelled throughout their lives in sports, particularly when they reach the professional level, is that they largely have marginalized other professional or career efforts... so it's ALL pro sports or nothing. Even more telling is that in the world of the corporate bureaucrat, hiring is done solely on past performance in one very specific area, so there is no room to pursue other goals that might prove equally productive. If you are going to make a change, there are worse times than age 27. Sort of an irony, back in 1980, my interview for a contract position in SoCal (through a small one man consulting house) re a TRW software development position was with a guy who had played football at that level. But left after about a year. He had a contract at TRW in software development himself but I'd heard he'd acquired $4 million in real estate... so I asked him if he got the wealth from trading real estate OR as a systems analyst. He burst out laughing, a truly great laugh, relaxed and not aggressive, and then apologized: "I'm sorry, Tim, it was a good question, but the idea that you could make millions in systems analysis just struck me as funny." He'd leaned back in his chair, laughing up towards the ceiling, and a few seconds after turning back down to look at me, his nose started to bleed. When he touched his nose and saw the blood, he muttered a bit of a curse and then: "Damn. One minor effect of ten years of football!" And then he said "It's terribly embarrassing to have this kind of thing happen during a business meeting." And continued on with negative comments about this one after football career. When he'd finished, I said: "You really are taking this annoyance too hard. I can guarantee that in every meeting you attend (these meetings were virtually all men at that stage, though TRW (for example) was rapidly promoting and hiring more women employees [Happy Days for modern man, in my opinion]) virtually every guy in that room will be envious of your for that experience, every one! So, when it happens, just explain the genesis of the problem and you will actually win points, not lose position at all." It also helped the belief of this assertion that his last name was Lombardi.

gadflyJan. 28, 1410:35 AM

mnfaninmt Jan. 28, 14 8:43 AM . . . Not sure how you can classify it as "sour grapes" when he left entirely of his own accord and the team wanted him back.

sage62Jan. 28, 1411:10 AM

He should have honored his contract, period. He's a big crybaby and a quitter.

Izzy96Jan. 28, 1411:15 AM

I admire what Moffitt says, but I also am disturbed that he quit mid-season. Not the guy I want on my corporate team when we need cohesion and effort to accomplish objectives. Hope he saved his loot.

ToddWJan. 28, 14 2:28 PM

I would rather have someone quit than to hang around disconnected and devoid of effort. Those people end up suing you after you fire them. And, its apparent to me that he never left "the real world." Good luck Mr. Moffitt.

raineyrooJan. 28, 14 3:04 PM

sage62 - Wouldn't it have been selfish of Moffitt to stay with Denver and not give 100% percent effort? Those people on/off the football field are known as space-eaters.

thissucks3Jan. 29, 1412:13 PM

"He should have honored his contract, period. He's a big crybaby and a quitter"...Just like the team does when they are done with them? You're cut and that's it. The NFL is a racket.

claymath52Jan. 29, 14 2:59 PM

Who are we to tell someone how to live their life? Get real people.

joe_mnJan. 30, 1410:04 AM

6-3, 300lbs, 4.4 40 yd time. They teach that, you know. Million dollar salary? We all like financial security as we hit 50yrs. Oh, yeah, he is young. No worries.


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