State officials pump up Super Bowl bid

  • Article by: Anthony Lonetree , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 27, 2014 - 7:44 AM

Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday will announce leaders for a campaign to land the game. A party to woo the NFL is set for Super Bowl weekend.

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nonogogoJan. 26, 1410:15 PM

How much money is Dayton and Mondale gonna waste now trying to bring the game to Minnesota? I propose free seats for all smokers of minnesota.

april24Jan. 26, 1410:20 PM

Whether you agree with the stadium or not, having an event like the Super Bowl is the whole reason for having the thing. The amount of money and international exposure it brings in can't be bought. Pull out all the stops and make it happen. If anyone says otherwise they are simply just a miserable person who does not want to see anything positive happen.

turgidJan. 26, 1410:36 PM

I hope that they succeed. And also that the people paying for the stadium will be able to catch a glimpse of the party thru the big window.

gemie1Jan. 26, 1410:37 PM

I can see it being a sense of great pride to Minneapolis to have the Super Bowl, but who in their right mind wants to come visit Minnesota during the winter. Especially, when so many of us want to get on a plane and head somewhere warm.

quinnerooJan. 26, 1410:46 PM

"could generate more than $300 million" ............... More hype from the money grabbers. Does anyone think that having an event like this actually brings any attention for more than a week? When was the last time you thought of indianapolis, and would you travel to Minnesota in February? For that matter, they lose money after all the bills are paid. The NFL is the biggest scam on the planet right now, bar none.

billybillyJan. 26, 1410:53 PM

gemie1-----I can see it being a sense of great pride to Minneapolis to have the Super Bowl -------Really!? I would remind you that a vast majority of Minnesotans and especially City taxpayers are probably not huge viking fans right now. Pride comes before a fall. Speaking for myself, I would hope they have a weekend like the next few days for the event. A miserable failure would just be frosting on the cake.

MinnesotaHeartJan. 26, 1410:53 PM

I am a devoted Minnesotan, but I do not want us to host this. Anyone see the weather outside? The forecast for this week? This is Super Bowl week, and we will struggle to get above zero. Why in the world would we want people flocking here from all across the country, only to experience the worst possible weather month we can offer them?

polymorphmeJan. 26, 1411:00 PM

People paying the price for a "propane shortage" and all these jerks can think about is this garbage? How is this "good" for the average citizen of this state? It isn't and there are no arguments that are logical. It's a pay to play government plain and simple.

DufferHJan. 26, 1411:01 PM

The NFL as much as said a few years ago they wouldn't bring the circus back to Minneapolis. This is almost as bad as several years ago when the city spent a huge bundle to try to bring the Summer Olympics here.

whsuksJan. 26, 1411:08 PM

a sense of great pride to Minneapolis to have the Super Bowl------having an event like the Super Bowl is the whole reason for having the thing-----Why? I can't thing of anything more disgusting and didn't Indianapolis and new Orleans lose money when they had it?


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