Former actor, Marlboro man Eric Lawson dies from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • Article by: JOHN ROGERS , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 27, 2014 - 6:55 PM

LOS ANGELES — When it came to portraying the rugged western outdoorsman who helped transform a pack of filtered cigarettes into the world's most popular brand, Marlboro Man Eric Lawson was the real deal.

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plizzoJan. 27, 14 1:43 AM

Desi Arnaz, husband of Lucille Ball and co-star and executive producer of "I Love Lucy", was a pitchman for cigarettes and died of lung cancer at the age of 69 in 1986. I found it ironic (and sad) that the product he helped sell and made a fortune helping to sell would end up killing him. Back in those days they didn't have the information about how dangerous cigarettes are. But even if they did, they may not have cared as cigarette smoking was so pervasive in American culture. People used to smoke in hospitals, offices, and even college classrooms. Minnesota was a leader in banning indoor smoking with its "Clean Indoor Air Act" of 1974 that curtailed public smoking indoors except in designated places. But the pendulum has swung too far to the point where no adults can congregate with like-minded adults to enjoy tobacco products indoors, not even in bars. In a bar, you can get so drunk you vomit all over yourself but you can't smoke a cigarette. Makes little sense.

danscJan. 27, 14 3:51 AM

My grand mother smoked until she passed away with horrible bladder cancer at 68. She had other issues related to life long smoking. My father quit at about 47, and has survived a heart attack and stroke, but is doing well. I quit at 31 and I hope my kids never start smoking. No one needs to smoke until they die of COPD, lung cancer, bladder cancer, emphysema, heart disease - anymore.

comment229Jan. 27, 14 5:06 AM

"A few actors and models who pitched Marlboro brand cigarettes have died of smoking-related diseases. They include David Millar, who died of emphysema in 1987, and David McLean, who died of lung cancer in 1995." Yule Brynner probably did the best anti smoking ad.

dlfriesenJan. 27, 14 7:03 AM

Why is it that the national barrage of anti-smoking sentiment evaporates into thin air when we discuss legalizing marijuana? It would be good to hear more consistency. This ... from a lifetime non-smoker.

albundy74Jan. 27, 14 7:17 AM

Having watched someone die from lung cancer, who wanted to quit, tried to quit, but couldn't, I fully support any smoking ban 1000% if it helps make it to inconvenient for someone to even try. With the amount of additives in cigarettes and snuff, Big Tobacco is hardly playing fair and neither should we.

fooledmeonceJan. 27, 14 7:24 AM

ban tobacco products, and end their tax benefits

plummpjJan. 27, 14 8:12 AM

COPD is the Madison Avenue term for emphysema. It sounds better in television ads then emphysema.

samiamJan. 27, 14 8:16 AM

dlfriesen, just a guess here but most people don't smoke Marijuana 20 times a day and the amount smoked is less each time than a typical pack a day smoker. Not to mention if it was legal it would be easy to produce Marijuana E-cigs.

fawnhallJan. 27, 14 8:46 AM

Remember we tried prohibition in the 1930s, it didn't work. Not saying smoking is not bad for you, just saying that your morals can't be imposed on everyone. Thankfully.

stanceJan. 27, 14 9:38 AM

You dont have to smoke marijuana to get the effects - you can eat it , drink it or use it as a lotion


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