Chase Budinger getting his game into shape

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 27, 2014 - 9:29 AM

Chase Budinger is just now regaining his wind after October knee surgery.

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snoozecruise1Jan. 26, 14 9:29 PM

It seems like even the most basic things elude this franchise. Budinger should have been assigned to the D-League rather than have his preseason with the Wolves, who are already struggling enough. But no, Addled Adelman (aka, Rigid Rick)and Flipped Saunders--together, no less--cannot figure out this simple move. While Hummel is in perpetual preseason form, Shabazz and Dieng could have gotten some floor time. In all likelihood they would have made some mistakes. But maybe they would have had some success, too. Somehow rookies are just supposed to get better without playing time. It would be one thing if the players in front of them were solid, but Turiaf is a third-string center and Budinger is playing after being out for more than a year. Anyone who's played the game even at the street level knows that your timing isn't right and your shot isn't there when coming back from a lengthy layoff. Other teams use the D League, but not the Wolves. Jerry can you or any of your chronies ask the "braintrust" of this organization why Budinger wasn't sent to the D League for at least a week?

snoozecruise1Jan. 26, 1410:00 PM

I seem to remember that Pek got in a lot of foul trouble his first year in the league, but that only happened because he got some PLAYING TIME so that he could learn from that experience. Why isn't Dieng allowed to get that same experience? It seems to me that depending upon the matchups, at least half of the time Dieng should be the first sub for Pek and perhaps the other half of the time Turiaf should be on the floor. Moving Love to the five when Pek goes out makes the interior defense even weaker--if that's even possible. I'm not as disappointed in Flip Flounders' draft picks this year as some are, because I think Dieng is the real deal, but I am disappointed that Flounders doesn't give a directive to Adelman to get Dieng on the floor. Leaving Rick to his rigid ways without any accountability or direction is not good for this organization, short term or long term.

australJan. 26, 1410:30 PM

I think Flip and Adelman have done a good job but there are a couple of obvious problems. There's a lack of a go to shooter on first team, and no scoring on second. Love is a genuine all-star and star; he gets his points through sheer hard work on the boards, and good shooting; he is pretty steady week in week out, but can be shut down or neutralized via good match ups by putting rangy athletic 4's on him. He will get his points through positioning, hard work, and good shooting - but he's not a low post, one-on-one unstoppable force. Even in the Golden State game, he did great but David Lee matched him point for point. Given Rubio's shooting problems (RR should study what Griffin, Westbrook and others did to work in the offseason and acquire an outside shot - without it, think Tyreke Evans' limitations). This leaves Kevin Martin is the only one who has 'give him the ball and he'll get a decent shot' skills, and even then, he's a catch and shoot guy, not an off the dribble break them down guy. Add to this a second unit that simply struggles to score - and the team at best won't get past the first round, if it gets there. The answers - perhaps Andre Miller, but also, some deadeye shooters. We're only now seeing how much a difference having players like JJ Reddick, Collison and Crawford are making for the Clippers, who had similar 2nd unit woes. This means a trade is needed for someone like: Miller, Jack, Collison, Mo Williams to get some leadership and points off the bench.

samspade77Jan. 26, 1410:45 PM

I'm happy for Budinger's recovery and that he's playing. However, I don't see his contribution helping this team win. He's extremely "rusty" and has never been a defensive stopper. Yet another issue with this team. Hopefully he can get his shot going to help with the bench scoring, but I only see a minimal impact at best. Once again this team falls short at nearly every position and player on the roster.

srstormguyJan. 27, 1412:06 AM

Great idea about the D-League ... because that is exactly where he should be. Adelman even pointed out that Budinger is missing open shots. At 28% he shouldn't be on the floor ... way too inefficient. He should be in the D-League working off his rust and getting his touch back. Once he hits the mid 40's percentage wise ... send him back to the team. Until then let him miss 72% of his shots for Iowa and not the Wolves.

manoliveJan. 27, 1412:30 AM

Why won't Rick let Shabazz play? Is he really that bad? Worse than 13 other guys on the team? Why did we pick him then, if we had no plans to use him? It's like Kahn never left, as once again we have 2 first round picks that provide absolutely nothing. When will this franchise ever learn to draft well? I'd like to see Shabazz get regular minutes. Is that too much to ask for, to find minutes on one of the worst benches in the NBA?

manoliveJan. 27, 1412:35 AM

Rick, the fans wait all year to see their first round picks play, and you won't even play them. Why not? because you want to win? Newsflash, Rick. It isn't working! The Wolves are a losing team. And you don't even have the injury excuse to fall back on this year. The Wolves are one of the healthiest teams in the NBA. What's your excuse, Rick? Lack of talent? Give Price a chance, get Shabazz some minutes, get Dieng out there, and sit some unproductive players who don't score much, which means you have your entire bench to choose from.

kingsxmanJan. 27, 14 8:48 AM

Manolive...yes Shabazz is that bad. It was painful to see another pick that people were clamoring for (McCollum) who we could have picked give Portland good minutes on Saturday night. This teams biggest weakness is its inability to get players on the cheap: aka the draft. Its almost comical that this team is SO bad at evaluating players and choosing the right ones in the draft.

chucktraylorJan. 27, 14 9:24 AM

I agree with all of the previous posts. The D-League's purpose is to prepare players for the NBA game.I think Budinger, Muhammad, and Dieng should all be in Iowa PLAYING. Regarding some of the other Wolves bench players: As I said when he was signed, Turiaf has never been more than the 10-11-12th player on his team. Why Saunders thought he was something more is beyond me. Mbah a Moute must have really done something egregious to be banished to the end of the bench. The "best defensive player" on the team was invisible against Portland, and the Wolves gave up what, 115 points? Golden State's Mark Jackson, after the Warriors gave up 121 to the Wolves, said his team can't just try to outscore everybody. The next night the Warriors just down Portland defensively. Brewer's value is as a spark off the bench, not playing starter minutes. If Adelman isn't going to play Muhammad, and insists on letting Budinger play himself into shape, then start Budinger, or Mbah a Moute, and have Brewer be the first player off the bench instead of Barea. With the exception of the one championship season in Dallas, where his reputation was made, Barea has never been more than an end-of-the-bench guy.

toatsmcgoatsJan. 27, 14 9:48 AM

Oh yeah, Kahn > Flip.


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