Arizona Republicans approve resolution censuring Sen. McCain for 'liberal' voting record

  • Article by: TERRY TANG , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 25, 2014 - 8:11 PM

PHOENIX — The Arizona Republican Party formally censured Sen. John McCain on Saturday, citing a voting record they say is insufficiently conservative.

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speedbump25Jan. 25, 14 4:14 PM

Shallow minded people. What they really want to say is that McCain has tried to reach across the isle and broker middle of the road legislation that would benefit all. Of course the hard core Republicans don't know the meaning of bi-partisan agreements and only want it their way. So the country suffers while they, and the Democrats on the other side of the spectrum, take their ball and go home. If more politicians governed like McCain, maybe our country wouldn't be going down the drain.

murphydogJan. 25, 14 4:18 PM

GOP, you have to be kidding. Keep digging the hole deeper. Oh, by the way, thanks.

bblheadJan. 25, 14 4:23 PM

Looks like these Arizona republicans are out of touch with reality. This is a sure way to kill what is left of the party. Thanks for nothing.....

supervon2Jan. 25, 14 4:31 PM

Smart move. He's the last person in the world I would call even a moderate conservative.

braxozJan. 25, 14 4:31 PM

John McCain a "liberal" - we've just fallen down the rabbit hole.

LisaMplsJan. 25, 14 4:35 PM

Seriously? McCain is not even remotely "liberal." Seems sort of like bully fascism on the Arizona GOP's part.

orpheus90Jan. 25, 14 4:41 PM

In other words, McCain is being blackballed by AZ state party officials because he refuses to support the do-nothing politics of continuous gridlock in Washington. My guess is Arizona's Republican party, at least within its ranks of party insiders, is heavily tea-party driven at this point, though actual republican voters in the state who supported and elected McCain are a good deal more moderate.

tooty123Jan. 25, 14 4:47 PM

What a fiasco the GOP has become.I thought they were for immigration after the last election but I guess it was just another right wing talking point and no action. Of all the states that whined about immigration it was Arizona! Immigration is "liberal???" Hmm. Shouldn't it be all of the Congress concerned about a working immigration policy!

rjr2205Jan. 25, 14 4:52 PM

This is just futher evidence of the GOP being taken over by the right wing extremists. Over my 69 years I have often voted for a Republican candidate when I believed he/she was the right person for the job. I will not again vote Republican until such time as the moderates take back the GOP! As a fellow vet, I greatly respect John McCain for his military service! I also had much respect, but waning respect for his political service. My respect waned as I watched him try to appease the GOP right wing extremists, but apparent he did not go far enough or deep enough to appease them!! Audios John!!

luzhishenJan. 25, 14 5:17 PM

I knew he was in in trouble when he wouldn't sponsor that legislation requiring triple death sentences for Obamacare navigators to the Senate.


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