Ramsey's midday bus, with rarely more than 1 rider, looks like a bust

  • Article by: Paul Levy , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 23, 2014 - 10:36 PM

Eastbound-only commuter run rarely has more than one rider. It likely be shelved in June.

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jbrillJan. 23, 14 9:59 PM

has anyone at metro transit heard of a market study? I'd like to think that taxpayer resources have not been wasted on a "hunch."

antisuburbsJan. 23, 1410:25 PM

forcing transit into the suburbs before we even have adequate transit in the city will never work. Here is an example...

mdachsJan. 23, 1411:02 PM

This is simply an example of poor planning for mass transit! It has nothing to do with transit in the city. Just a matter of poor planning for demand. Sure hope that this bus line is dropped. Maybe would be cheaper to transport this one rider by taxi?

spinwindrawJan. 23, 1411:22 PM

He is going to miss the quiet??? How much is his quiet time costing the tax payers? Another waste of money.

curtwigJan. 23, 1411:47 PM

Studies aren't cheap either. Every once in awhile we have to take a chance to improve things. This time it didn't work, so now we are better informed. Risk taken turns into lesson learned. Greatness takes risks and learns from failure.....keep trying Minneapolis, it's what makes us great!!

andybobolsonJan. 24, 14 1:13 AM

Try, yes. But for 15-18 months with an average of one rider? Surely they should have received the message long ago.

bradmg1979Jan. 24, 14 1:37 AM

Give it time

aardvark878Jan. 24, 14 3:01 AM

1:03 pm? If you were going to try a trial, why wasn't it timed for rush hour, when there are more bus riders? That's like cracking an egg onto the kitchen floor, then concluding the stove doesn't work when it's still raw three minutes later. And was there only one run? I'd never take a bus that only ran once. You miss it, or it doesn't come, you're hosed. Not exactly reliable transportation, so it's no surprise nobody wants to rely on it. And I just looked at the schedule. The only route from downtown TO Ramsey comes 13 minutes earlier. So how in the heck is someone traveling either direction ever supposed to get back again? And they call that a pilot program? Whoever signed up for this clearly intended for it to fail. What an utterly useless bus stop. And I say this as someone who rides the bus daily.

bewilder2Jan. 24, 14 4:28 AM

I'm fine with these experiments as long as they are willing to end them if they don't work. Providing a midday option to a route that otherwise does bring some pax was a sensible idea. Just turned out bad.

jsmithxcJan. 24, 14 5:03 AM

According to the article this cost the Ramsey County taxpayers nothing. Looks like someone had an idea to try this knowing there was no increase in taxes to see if it would work. It did not so it is stopping. Sounds like a no risk situation for the taxpayer and really, not much of a news item. Its about increasing service options not forcing transit on people.


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