Could Vatican pilgrimage make Obama more pope-ular?

  • Article by: GAIL COLLINS , New York Times News Service
  • Updated: January 23, 2014 - 3:49 PM

Coming in March: A pontiff who can do no wrong welcomes a president who can do no right.

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SwiftBoatJan. 23, 1411:48 AM

It's never Obama's political beliefs that are the problem, its just the marketing, right?

jgmanciniJan. 23, 1412:46 PM

Excellent piece. Very witty, and spot on, too.

drfranktJan. 23, 1412:56 PM

One thing that would make him more "popeular" would be to live up to his "promises." Remember: "like your plan, keep your plan", $2500 less in premiums, most transparent administration in history, etc., etc., etc.!

dentesterJan. 23, 14 1:17 PM

"Coming soon: How the individual mandate robbed Oprah Winfrey of an Oscar nomination." Wrong. Conservatives couldn't care less whether Oprah Winfrey gets an Oscar nomination.

owatonnabillJan. 23, 14 1:17 PM

Hard to see a political motive in this. Obama isn't running for anything and he's been very open about his dedication to Christianity and looking to Christ as an example of how to live one's life. Let's not all be piling on the President and angrily assigning this-or-that motive to the visit. Even if it WAS political, it is so nuanced that one is hard put to see any advantage for Mr. Obama in visiting the Pope, and owatonnabill does not believe that Obama would cheapen his own faith in such a way. No. At the end of the day, what we have is a person with strongly-professed Christian values meeting the man who is the spiritual head of one over billion Catholics--one out of every six people on the planet. Who WOULDN'T want to meet Pastor Frank?

endothermJan. 23, 14 1:18 PM

The fake controversy over moving the Vatican embassy (a move that saves money, increases security AND is actually more convenient for all involved) is one of the most insulting manipulations Republicans and FOX news have cooked up in recent months.

ginny6Jan. 23, 14 1:50 PM

As Prince sang, "You can be the President; I'd rather be the pope."

ruphinaJan. 23, 14 2:05 PM

Yeah, he is such a devout Christian that it never occurred to him that giving the sign of the cross while PARDONING THANKSGIVING TURKEYS was offensive. Of course, he is so devout he went to church in Chicago for twenty years and apparently slept through all those Jeremiah Wright sermons full of hate for white people. His Christianity is NOTHING but political expediency. Bill G.

dirtydogsJan. 23, 14 2:12 PM

Sometimes I get a kick out of a play on words. This time, is was just plain stupid. Nice article though. Obama has nothing to gain just like he has nothing to lose.

bannedmuggsJan. 23, 14 2:48 PM

Completely political. The democrats are still feeling the anger and pain over removing God from their convention, from forcing contraception and abortion drugs on religions, etc. They are realizing that the anti-religion agenda isn't helping them so what would be better than shaking hands with the pope. I'm sure the pope will give him an earful and Obama will act like everything went perfectly.


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