Minnesota will get a one-day warm-up before returning to deep freeze over weekend

  • Article by: Paul Walsh and Tim Harlow , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 23, 2014 - 6:44 PM

Temperatures in the Twin Cities bottomed out before dawn Thursday at 20 below zero, but the metro is about to warm up by at least 50 degrees and then plunge into the deep freeze yet again.

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rogerbJan. 23, 14 8:30 AM

Unbelievable that all these school districts decided to close.

mspshadowJan. 23, 14 8:39 AM

Man, we sure have woosed out! I remember going to school when it was colder than -20.

onelesscarJan. 23, 14 8:42 AM

Undoubtedly the worst climate in the US. At least half the year, you are confined indoors.

roadtoruinJan. 23, 14 8:47 AM

Monday is going to be even colder then today. Better keep the kids home... again... Maybe its time MN schools end summer vacation and just close up for the winter.

stpaulisbestJan. 23, 14 8:54 AM

We all did it when we were kids and we didn't have high tech warm clothes available. You bundle up. Most of the time on a really cold day, one parent of the bus stop group would go to work a little late and sit at the bus stop with the car running for any kid who needed to warm up. In other words, we worked it out. This is just,.... silly.

chovindJan. 23, 14 9:03 AM

I live north of the metro and our school district did not close. Now my child walks 1.5 miles home from school everyday - she gets dropped off in the a.m., so today I'll have to leave early to pick her up. But not every parent has that option, so yes there are times when closing the schools is appropriate.

Douglind33Jan. 23, 14 9:09 AM

In Duluth, we didn't close schools. Wind off Lake Superior was wet and it felt like your face was tearing off. I was a school patrol kid in 6th grade, so I was out on a street corner for 30 minutes in the morning. How cold was it? I saw a couple of squirrels trying to build an igloo.

banndcathyJan. 23, 14 9:15 AM

That wind is whipping around at about zero miles an hour out there this morning. It feels like -10.....What stories are our kids going to tell when they get older? "It was so cold when I was a kid that they closed schools all the time" toughen up folks, Duluth didn't close.

danjjJan. 23, 14 9:47 AM

It really is time for the newspapers to start blasting the TV Weather people who continually frighten fearful school administrators into closing schools. They do so with warnings of "wind chills" that border on hysteria. Is it cold this morning? Yes. But I've been out a couple of times, and while there is a bit of a breeze, there is no wind to speak of. The windchill warnings, which require strong sustained winds (and are somewhat make-believe to begin with) have not materialized. Outstate schools, where it's far colder than here, are in session. Every single school administrator, who simply cancelled school because Anoka/Hennepin did so first, should be ashamed of themselves. Most of all, the TV Weather crowd should be held accountable for creating fear and hysteria where none is required.

rlwr51Jan. 23, 1410:11 AM

At least in Minneapolis this has more to do with buses than concerns for children. The routes are timed, back to back, to razor thin schedules based on completely dry, clear conditions and every single bus starting and every driver showing up to work and not quitting. Buses have been running late since the first frost. Kids have to walk up to a mile for younger kids and two miles for older kids to a bus stop. Many children leave for the bus on their own since their parents are not at home because they have to go to work. If the bus does not show up the kid, after walking to the bus stop and waiting now has to walk back home to an empty house. . . . . . . . . . . . Many of you posters won't even go to Minneapolis much less walk a mile or two through the neighborhoods these kids walk through... These consolidated bus stops pick up multiple students who stand their and wait with no adult supervision.


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