Anoka-Hennepin teachers stop after-hours work

  • Article by: Shannon Prather , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 22, 2014 - 9:57 PM

Decision to strictly adhere to contract comes amid struggling talks among Anoka-Hennepin officials, union and mediator to reach deal.

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jojoobooJan. 22, 1410:16 PM

My child is going to stop doing her homework then too. Ridiculous. If I tried this where I work they would show me the door (and rightfully so).

jojoobooJan. 22, 1410:17 PM

I guess they aren't in the profession to truly help students learn.

dnnelson95Jan. 22, 1410:22 PM

You need a raise to do your job? Huh. You would be given a box when I work and told to get a work ethic. This is another reason to kill the teacher's union, because I'm sure most teachers feel the same way these teacher do. I guess you deserve a job for life, no matter how hard you work for it!

rshacklefordJan. 22, 1410:23 PM

They are begging for more salary money again? Their salaries are already bloated for the product delivered and summers off. They need to take a time-out in a corner and think about their poor behavior.

whosaysJan. 22, 1410:23 PM

So you mean all of the property tax increase "for the children" really aren't for the children? So as the article quoted as we turn the corner they sent the compensation increased? Where do they plan on getting the extra money from when the taxpayers have not gotten salary increases to pay the increases in their federal, state and health care costs? Everyone else is taking a hit with obamacare, by the way the teachers union supported him, so put our money where your mouth is teachers union leaders.

elmore1Jan. 22, 1410:32 PM

When will we quit treating teachers like cattle? No incentive to excel as long as the regressive unions are in power and the majority party are puppets to them. No wonder America keeps "dummying down" while India and China pass us by and get the good jobs.

nosimplaJan. 22, 1410:40 PM

Shouldn't your first priority be to do no harm to children? Complete the year and then quit if it is such a bad deal.

offmylawnJan. 22, 1410:46 PM

Teachers are the epitome of middle class. If you think the middle class makes too much money, do what you can to fight the teachers. If you think teachers have benefits that you don't have because they have a union and you don't, then ask why you don't have a union. If you think it's great that teachers, adjusted for inflation, make thousands less per year than they did 8 years ago, then i just don't get you.

cubby44Jan. 22, 1410:48 PM

Probably no different work rules than usual anyways. I doubt if many of them are working above and beyond when this is the general malaise that seems to be around union teachers. You can't treat each other as the enemy. Every time I talk to a union teacher, I come away with a negative vibe. Good luck though in figuring out your problems. Don't forget about the kids though!

drfranktJan. 22, 1410:49 PM

Are these teachers salaried? If so, what gives them the right to "quit" their work without being completed on a daily basis? Any other salaried position has some requirements, such as working to finish. I guess professionalism and pride in your work is not a requirement to be a teacher.


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