U of M students welcome Obama's campaign against campus sexual violence

  • Article by: Nicole Norfleet and Emma Nelson , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: January 22, 2014 - 11:30 PM

Obama’s announcement should prompt re-examination of campus policies and response nationwide, activists said.

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jarlmnJan. 22, 1410:18 PM

This initiative is all for show. Better to sponsor karate and concealed-carry classes for students than to rinky-dink around with useless policies and even more useless "awareness" campaigns. (they rarely make a dent in behavior) And hey,"response" happens AFTER the crime is perpetrated, right? What fun. Outside of Barry and his secret service maybe personally walking a drunk co-ed home from the bar, this circus will accomplish little.

birdpeepJan. 22, 1410:26 PM

"sexual assault" in the context of 20% experiencing it involves the use of booze or pot, and then the "I did what with who" reaction after the fact. Actuall criminal "assaults" are a fraction of the statistic reported here. Stay sober and keep your clothes on.

Flicka1492Jan. 22, 1411:14 PM

Obama is flailing at something that will get him attention.

nordicnine9Jan. 23, 14 3:38 AM

Have you read the order? I have. It will lower federal grants and loans to a school that has high rape statistics, yet does nothing about it. Like many of the southern states. So, I'm not sure why anyone is negative in this? If a school is "rape prone" and they don't fix it, they lose federal money.

kallman11Jan. 23, 14 6:25 AM

This from an administration that markets Obamacare in CO by showing male college students doing keg stands and promiscuity from a young female...both of which are the problem. No joke, look it up.

karendavid816Jan. 23, 14 6:27 AM

Is it too cynical to suggest the timing of this move just a few days after the "pot is just a bad habit" comments might somehow be related to a huge drop in popularity among the young? Keep watching.

BobtheguyJan. 23, 14 6:36 AM

In recent years more reports are being made. There certainly may be more "assaults", but not all assaults are rape. Also, there is an elevated perception that lawless behavior is O.K., Obama setting the prime example. When the top executive can choose what laws "his" justice department will enforce, what message does that send to young people? There is also an escalation of anti - gun, anti - self reliance attitudes and rules on campuses. That, combined with an escalation of Liberal behavior which encourages promiscuity and careless partying, and the You Owe Me mentality which is pushed upon our youth accounts for much of the "sexual assaults" reporting we see now. Basically, it is Liberal policies which drive sexual assault. Get back to basics to see real change.

jflynch1Jan. 23, 14 7:36 AM

Hmmm I'm no Isaac Newton but 22 assaults, 51,000 students 60% are female...works out to 1 in 1363.

WaterBunkerJan. 23, 14 7:38 AM

Obama acts like he is conflicted on many fronts. He wants jobs but wants damaging federal controls more, he doesn't want war but wants to threaten it to look tough, he wants to reduce the deficit but wants to spend more and he markets sex to promote healthcare and now offers this initiative. Objective people know what he is, which is far different than his political theatre.

eman2001Jan. 23, 14 8:04 AM

More jobs . . . . . for women's studies majors, who will wag their fingers at frat boys.


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