Light rail linking Minneapolis, St. Paul downtowns goes green June 14

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 22, 2014 - 9:52 PM

The first light-rail trains linking the downtowns of St. Paul and Minneapolis will rumble along University Avenue beginning June 14, doubling the size and scope of the Twin Cities’ 10-year-old light-rail system.

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Mplsuptown1Jan. 22, 1410:03 AM

40,000 people, now that is a good number. Let's hope it is actually higher. This will be a wonderful addition to our mass transit system thus connecting all the major hubs with LRT. Next the sub hubs.

joe_mnJan. 22, 1410:08 AM

Yes. Federal tax dollars well spent.

chuckhoovJan. 22, 1410:11 AM

Synching up the start date to a historical date is enough to convince me that there is no business case for this line to be built. When cities like Boston or Washington add a new spur to their systems, the rush is on to open as early as possible despite some warts. Here, its lets wait until all the students are gone and everyone is making trips to the cabin. And don't you love those aggressive projections for ridership by 2030. ROFL.

i35splitJan. 22, 1410:14 AM

You obviously have to start somewhere but 39 minutes is unacceptable. There should be express trains that skip stations - this is done by passing trains that are stopped at a station on the other side of the boarding platform.

town27Jan. 22, 1410:17 AM

Fantastic. Short term - albeit high - cost for long term benefit. This line will be serving the area for the next 50+ years. Very glad my city is pushing ahead with sustainable infrastructure!

littlebootsJan. 22, 1410:22 AM

Awesome! Now Ham Crazy and the East Side Boyz will have a way to get to downtown Minneapolis to spread the love there too! All aboard! Chooo chooo!!

littlebootsJan. 22, 1410:32 AM

@Mplsuptown1, it's ten minutes by car from Saint Paul to the airport. It's a half an hour by bicycle (yes I have ridden there) It's about the same to go from downtown STP to downtown MPLS, Why would I ever drive or ride my bike downtown, pay to park (most people do drive) wait for the light rail train, spend 45 minutes to an hour sitting on it before getting to downtown Mpls where if I am going to the airport, I will have to wait some more, transfer and ride another 1/2 hour out there. It makes no sense. I can just get dropped off in 10 minutes or better yet ride my bike in just a half an hour.

littlebootsJan. 22, 1410:34 AM

People are gong to be beating down the doors to come from Minneapolis to downtown Saint Paul. It's so bustling, thriving and packed with people and nightlife and stuff to do!

applejeffJan. 22, 1410:39 AM

I'm with i35split. I couldn't believe the 39 minute time for a 10 mile ride. Ouch. As for chuckhoov's grumbling abou the start date, I didn't read anythig in the story that said they were 'waiting' for June 14. Who's to say they didn't rush to get to mid-June rather than just before school started in the fall? Chill out, dude.

rogerbJan. 22, 1410:40 AM

Thank goodness! Right now there is no public transportation linking St. Paul with Minneapolis (sarcasm).


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