Target to drop health insurance for part-timers

  • Article by: Jackie Crosby , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 22, 2014 - 9:52 AM

Target Corp. said Tuesday that it will stop offering health insurance to its part-time employees because new online health exchanges offer workers an opportunity to buy coverage.

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jaybarJan. 21, 14 5:17 PM

$500 eh? That oughta buy your employees about two to four months of health insurance. Thanks a lot.

mrprogressiveJan. 21, 14 5:18 PM

It's okay not to provide insurance to employees becuase Target is local! Oh, and the data breach is not Targets fault becuase we dont use euro chip cards. Remember, shop local and red and khaki is never tacky!!!!!!!

vikings1Jan. 21, 14 5:18 PM

Just the beginning...tomorrow will be worse.

adamskoglundJan. 21, 14 5:19 PM

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Walmart gets far too much credit as being the world's most evil retailer. But I'm sure the conservatives will be on here any moment now for the usual "It's All Obama's Fault!!!!" drumbeat.

bgronniJan. 21, 14 5:28 PM

This is just stating people. Get used to it.

drfranktJan. 21, 14 5:30 PM

Seems that since obamacare has kicked in, there are more people without insurance and growing, than previously. Interesting quandary for the wanna-be king and his loyal lackeys.

jqpublicJan. 21, 14 5:30 PM

They seem to be in a race to the bottom with Walmart. With their recent data breach I think they've taken a commanding lead. Poor idea, worse timing.

nzallenJan. 21, 14 5:31 PM

Most people would be surprised to know that Target is the #3 lowest paid wages IN THE NATION. It ranks only behind infamous Walmart, and McDonald's. Although acting like a good corporate citizen, it's squeezing of higher end workers, depression of wages, compression of company benefits and these kinds of games show they spend more money on corporate HR lawyers to figure out how to skirt the law than they do on other important things (maybe electronic security?) BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Target. Unfortunately our ridiculous system created the loopholes you can jump through but you are a bad corporate citizen. I will no longer shop in your stores just like I never shop in Walmart. Shame on you. If it is less than 1% of your workforce (who you have already reduced to part time so you don't have to offer insurance) you should have continued to do so just to avoid the cost of the bad PR, never mind what the RIGHT thing to do is!

nordeastguyJan. 21, 14 5:32 PM

It has been said for months that companies will do this so it should be no surprise. The companies will save money in the long run and more people will be forced onto Obamacare.

Minnesoda73Jan. 21, 14 5:34 PM

Obamacare and Daytoncare will cover the difference using Federal Money (which is free and limitless) so the $500 will go a long way. The rest of us will have take extra jobs to pay for it!


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