Minneapolis seeks more people, not more cars

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 21, 2014 - 4:35 PM

City hopes to attract 100,000 new residents while advancing walking, biking, taking transit.

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woodyagJan. 20, 14 9:13 PM

Who in the world decided Mpls "needs" 100,000 more people???? Somebody needs to check their math.

QbikerJan. 20, 1410:15 PM

I live in NE Minneapolis and own a home with a two car garage. I don't have parking issues so I feel bad for people who drive a car and need to park on the street. However, if you're thinking of opening a small business or already have a small business and don't have parking for your customers, how can you expect them to shop your store? I love Kitchen Window in Uptown, but parking in that neighborhood is a mess. The parking ramp doesn't make anything easier. Please don't discriminate people who use cars to get around.

quinnerooJan. 20, 1410:24 PM

One of the reasons we bought our condo downtown was the fact that it had two underground parking spaces. I am so glad we made that decision. It is going to become very hard to get even one space very soon. I could easily sell a 10X20 foot piece of concrete for $25K.

trice01Jan. 20, 1410:29 PM

"If you keep providing them parking, the city will never evolve into kind of what we want it to be.” Interesting how Big Sister echoes R T Rybak's philosophy of harassing private motor vehicles into extinction by reducing parking space for them. Pity the suckers waiting for a bus at -26 last week. Others in the article mourn the lack of support for walking and bicycling. Do these people ever watch the weather on the local news?

tocqueville2012Jan. 20, 1410:31 PM

I love seeing all the complaining neighbors of Red Cow hanging out there enjoying the new addition to their neighborhood.

huggybear28Jan. 20, 1410:39 PM

Seems optimistic... In many of the areas that people would desire to live in (i.e. increase density), there seems to be desire by current residents to not increase density (Dinkytown, Uptown, etc). Also, despite more transit usage, people still do desire to have a car (even if they don't use it for daily commuting). Relaxing minimum parking requirements would only exacerbate the problem and reducing the amount of parking spots required in new developments would only make them less desirable if a tenant (apt)/owner (condo) did not have parking.

rlwr51Jan. 20, 1410:51 PM

Good luck with bringing in (actually) 150,000 people with out 150,000 of us who are already here. . . Maybe it's a new take on gerrymandering.

rlwr51Jan. 20, 1410:53 PM

I lived in and loved the "uptown" area for many years. I do everything I can to avoid that area now - traffic is horrendous and no longer trust that I would be able to park where I want to go. Besides, it's being overrun by chains.

cameronkeathomeJan. 20, 1410:54 PM

my husband and I were just talking today about how we don't go to uptown anymore even though we're only nine blocks away and it's because of the parking. it's easier to drive to Edina where there is plenty of free parking. with two toddlers we won't be giving up our cars any time soon.

minn12Jan. 20, 1410:57 PM

Under what insanity does the city think they can expand the population and not expect more cars, and thus the need for more parking? This is America, and Americans love their cars. Hating cars and parking is the same silly European utopian thinking that has ruined downtown Minneapolis, and caused so many major businesses to close and leave. There is a war on cars and parking. News flash: businesses cannot survive on a bunch of bike-riding, condo-living, co-op shoppers who live downtown. How many more major businesses have to leave or decide not to locate in Minneapolis? And when they leave, they take their employees and tax base with them. Spending millions to take away traffic lanes in favor of silly European bike lanes that are hardly used and removing parking lots is not sound economic policy. Yet you keep electing these people. Well, I say, go ahead and build the new Vikings stadium, and since we don't need more cars in Minneapolis, don't build any parking ramps there. See what happens. The whole anti-car 'vision' is really going to be a nightmare. What a joke.


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