St. Paul is jumping into the bike race

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 21, 2014 - 8:59 AM

Long-range plan, to be released Tuesday, would create a downtown loop and complete the 30-mile Grand Round.

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elkriverscottJan. 20, 14 5:46 PM

It's grand that we are awash in money enough for all of this. I wonder if anyone knows how much St Paul collects and how much it gets from the state? Heck, where does all this money come from? Anyone know?

sciguy65Jan. 20, 14 6:00 PM

Great news! I love living in a progressive state that values the outdoors and providing quality areas to enjoy them for its citizens! Keep up the good work!

gopher68Jan. 20, 14 6:03 PM

Hey elkriverscott, it's called an in-vest-ment. Kind of like say, improvements on Hwy 169 or Hwy 10 in Elk River. Only this time it's for cyclists. Do you ask where the money comes from to make improvements on Highway 169? Didn't think so.

absent_carloJan. 20, 14 6:19 PM

Yet they spent a billion dollars on Central Corridor/Green-Line LRT, with no bike lane. A bicyclist on University will basically shut the avenue down (I have seen it). Also, $54 million was spent on a redundant ballpark, diverting almost $1.3 million from extending the Midtown Greenway in to St. Paul, among many other things.

mikehessJan. 20, 14 6:23 PM

Super news.

mmediaJan. 20, 14 6:40 PM

"Heck, where does all this money come from? Anyone know?"__ I ask that very same question every time I see another lane added to the highway, or a new off-ramp, or new stadium.

rlundl02Jan. 20, 14 7:07 PM

Based on the first couple quotes it seems the strategy an attempt to attract the most annoying breed of cyclists. Commuters and guys and women in the tight outfits at least appear to have some kind of purpose in their cycling. The worst are the "meanderers." No sense of purpose, kinda going here and there. Distracted toward anything that attracts their attention.

freedubayJan. 20, 14 7:14 PM

Now only it wasn't -20 and side roads and paths snow packed since Dec 5.

cecc0011Jan. 20, 14 7:57 PM

@rlundl02 - yes, because car drivers never meander about in lanes twice as wide as their cars, creep into pedestrian crosswalks, roll through stop signs, get distracted by cell phones/radio/kids in the car/eating food... do they? This plan will likely be great for giving people a safe way to get around St Paul. It's unfortunate St Paul is behind Minneapolis, but glad to see they're engaged.

quinnerooJan. 20, 14 8:05 PM

"Now only it wasn't -20 and side roads and paths snow packed since Dec 5." ..............The weather is hurting all commuters this year. I can see 94E from my condo and it is a parking lot every morning between 7 and 9:30. Some of my friends have biked every day through this winter. Big pat on the back to them for not adding to the congestion by driving.


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