Somali woman living in Willmar can't get her husband into U.S.

  • Article by: Randy Furst , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 20, 2014 - 3:44 AM

Hundreds of Somalis are struggling to get their families reunited in the United States.

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goserJan. 19, 14 9:09 PM

She's more than welcome to leave the country to reunite with her husband! No to anchor babies and no to anchor spouses who weren't even born US citizens!

summer12Jan. 19, 14 9:31 PM

Immigration is the #1 issue in this country. Why is it that since one person got in that they automatically can sponsor the rest of the family. This has to stop. America can't be the default destination for the rest of the world. Stay and fix your country. Don't just run away.

redkayakJan. 19, 14 9:31 PM

Being able to speak English is a requirement to become a US citizen. Why did she need an interpreter?

minn12Jan. 19, 14 9:52 PM

She has been in this country since 2005, over 8 years, but still needs an interpreter? And people laugh when we tell them modern immigrants won't assimilate. I'm sure the Comments board to this story will soon be shut down.

mrdogoJan. 19, 14 9:54 PM

Oh well, I'm sure with the boo hoo picture, some do-gooder will come to the rescue. But take your time...we need to let the booming interpretation business catch it's breath. Only one way our tax dollars are spent on people who refuse to learn English. Also, next time you complain about your doctor's bill, check with your clinic to see how much gets shelled out for free interpretation and transportation for foreigners.

oimmigrationJan. 19, 14 9:57 PM

Yes, these people should stay and fight for freedom and independence in their own war-torn countries, and not be coming to America.

jillie64Jan. 19, 14 9:58 PM

Why did she not bring him with her? Was the threat at the time only to her and not him? None of this article makes any sense. Just keep talking in circles and the original problem is lost and all his well. He'll be on a flight soon.

oimmigrationJan. 19, 14 9:59 PM

Stay in Somalia and fight for your own freedom and independence. Please do not come to America.

oimmigrationJan. 19, 1410:10 PM

They come here to get free dental care, braces, cosmetic dental, free medical care, free housing, free food, have large families etc....all at US taxpayer expense. You are paying for this Minnesota, America. And, if you don't like it, complain to your elected leaders in St. Paul, and in Washington DC. They make our laws and policies, spend your hard-earned money. So, spend it wisely and don't waste it.

oimmigrationJan. 19, 1410:13 PM

Return to your country and fight for it. Don't be cowards Somalis.


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