MSP poised to sell lottery tickets on iPads at airport gates

  • Article by: Pat Doyle , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 19, 2014 - 9:40 PM

A plan to sell lottery tickets on iPad tablets at the gates gains support at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

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Steve SteveJan. 19, 14 8:24 PM

While they're at it, why not make them available on planes when there's a delay. #sarcasm

idiocracy2uJan. 19, 14 8:26 PM

A concessions firm would share the new gambling earnings with another contractor and the lottery under the plan, and the airport is looking at getting a piece of the action when it starts. - What part of this goes to the "People's Stadium"?

la55122Jan. 19, 14 8:32 PM

Why not sell flight insurance on the tablets while they are at it? Anything to fleece the public after the hefty parking fees and the speed trap entering the airport. At least they brought McDonalds back but not on the G concourse. The boarding areas are a zoo when everyone tries to line up. Does anyone actually order food just prior to boarding? So how "successful" is the program on G concourse?

Lifeguard06Jan. 19, 14 9:23 PM

delta already sells the travel insurance when you book through the delta website

RossbergJan. 19, 14 9:49 PM

There seem to be some numbskulls involved in this who believe that if we keep shoving this idiotic epulltab scheme into people's faces long enough they will start playing them and the con artists, aka legislators and Governor, who built the stadium funding plan around them will be vindicated. Of course, we're still waiting for them to explain how they arrived at a projected $40 million a year in income yet came in at $0 per year. What should happen is that these devices should be deprogrammed and donated to needy kids in schools so at least some good comes of this. What we definitely don't need are 3rd parties coming in and skimming the few bucks travelers throw away on this nonsense.

maddyinmplsJan. 19, 1410:03 PM

How ludicrous to share any revenue with OTG because the company supplies the iPads. That's icing on the cake for OTG. They already supply the iPads, for really bad food. Where is an examination of that contract? Those are local concessions? They are simply terrible and an embarrassment to the chefs who supplied their names -- for a fee. But good digging on the part of this reporter. Most we've heard, publicly, about OTG and its unholiness.

sondheimJan. 20, 1412:35 AM

Dumbest idea ever. How about just staffing the current lottery ticket outlet in MSP, never seems to be open when I am looking to grab a lottery ticket before a flight. Skip epulltabs at MSP. Give us Dunkin Doughnuts, and Smashburger.

briechersJan. 20, 14 7:12 AM

Front page news in Minnesota...people don't gamble enough. Shouldn't this come with a warning...something like "don't be fooled by the fact that the government supports this endeavor; gambling often leads to financial ruin, divorce, loss of job and suicide." Shouldn't this support of gambling be in the local section...there are some other things to worry about in the world.

EleanoreJan. 20, 14 7:39 AM

Whoopdi! Since I know what that money goes for I'll be asking all the people I have flying in from time to time not to play them.

billnopusJan. 20, 14 9:11 AM

Strib should really look at how much seating capacity has been lost due to this remodel with the iPads. Prior to the remodel, I would often see lots of standing people at the end of G concourse (G17-G22) when there were a lot more seats. Have only flown once, when it was less busy, out of those gates since the remodel.


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