Postal union threatens protests, boycotts over new postal retail centers in Staples stores

  • Article by: SAM HANANEL , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 19, 2014 - 9:23 AM

WASHINGTON — The opening of Postal Service retail centers in dozens of Staples stores around the country is being met with threats of protests and boycotts by the agency's unions.

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markeyboyJan. 19, 14 7:05 AM

Local Post Office Managers understaff the front counter year around. If you go to a P.O. and see six clerk stations and a long line, only three or four point of sale stations are being used on the busiest days of the year. Even a line out the door can't seem to wake management from cheaping out at customers expense of wait time.

dogmanJan. 19, 14 8:20 AM

Typical strategy by republicans... starve an industry of needed funds... complain loudly about their lack of competence... recommend to partially move that industry to the private sector... kill another union... reap more campaign contributions from their corporate overlords

reidJan. 19, 14 8:43 AM

This seems weird. I go to some grocery stores where there is a full service (stamps, boxes, weigh and ship packages) service counter which seems to be staffed by the same people who assist around the store. Are those guys union postal employees? If not, then there is already a precedent set and why would the unions complain about Staples when there are a whole bunch of groceries already doing this.

jpcooperJan. 19, 14 8:52 AM

dogman "Typical strategy by republicans"

"Postal Service continues to form partnerships with private companies, and looks to cut costs and boost revenues."..... Dog, I did not know that Republicans run the Postal Service? What Republican lawmakers are making these decisions to "form partnerships" with private companies?

elmore1Jan. 19, 14 8:59 AM

Time to totally privatize mail delivery. In Canada they recently stopped delivering directly to your house (only street mail boxes) to save money and to keep postal rates more competitive for CUSTOMERS. The US Postal service is a dinosaur needing major reform and the unions just get in the way.

dogmanJan. 19, 14 9:05 AM

"I did not know that Republicans run the Postal Service?" -- You must have missed this part of the equation... 'starve an industry of needed funds'

jpcooperJan. 19, 14 9:28 AM

dogman "You must have missed this part of the equation... 'starve an industry of needed funds'

lami0102Jan. 19, 14 9:32 AM

Another example of unions showing how worthless they have become.

nogophersJan. 19, 14 9:34 AM

dogman, Mr. Reid controls what is discussed or passed by the legislative branch. I'm pretty sure he isn't a Republican. I'm all for this. Better service, more convenient locations, longer hours of operation. That being said, I receive nothing but great service from my local post office (in spite of the lines).

badgerfan2Jan. 19, 14 9:39 AM

I can understand the concerns from the standpoint of the unions, basically this is a way to drive wages and benefits for service counter workers down to minimum. But I think their primary focus should be on the delivery side of the equation. There are so many mailbox type stores around that ship whichever method, there's no way to control them all. We should want it to be easier to ship packages so the more outlets the better. Not a big fan of Staples but I don't think this is the right battle for them to fight.


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